Wednesday, May 12, 2021

NSLSA hosts webinar on ‘Contours & Analysis of Consumer Protection Laws’

Kohima, July 4: The Nagaland State Legal Services Authority (NSLSA) hosted a webinar on “Contours & Analysis of Consumer Protection Laws” July 3 evening with Sukumar Pattjoshi, Senior advocate, New Delhi Panel Speaker.
The panel speaker, while quoting President Kennedy’s Consumer Bill of Rights speech, “Consumer by definition, include us all,” said, they are the largest economic group in the economy, affecting and affected by almost every public and private economic decision.
“Two-thirds of all spending in the economy is by consumers. But they are the only important group in the economy who are not effectively organized, whose views are often not heard,” he said and opined that consumer protection is an element that affects us all.
He stressed on the need to analyze consumer protection in modern day, and gave three parameters of consumer protection disparities found in the consumer-supplier relationship including bargaining power; Knowledge; and Resources. As such he opined that there should be equal strength of demand and supply side wherein state intervention is premised to provide consumer protection on a number of grounds.
Towards this, the senior advocate pointed out important objectives of consumer protection where economic efficiency on the supply side play an important feature in providing consumers with full information on their products and observing laws in the regard to safety and equality.
Another equally pertinent attention he raised was on the demand side where consumers should be well informed of the products or service before making a purchase so that they can also actively pursue their rights when need arises.
“State intervention is necessary to ensure that suppliers behave responsibly and that aggrieved consumers have access to remedies,” the speaker noted. He later dealt on individual rights and distributive rights.
Towards this, among Government agencies, Ombudsmen, Consumer associations which are responsible functionaries of consumer protection, he mentioned that Consumer associations need to be organized in more quarters observing that a well-organized and widely representative group of individual consumers can become a strong force.
The webinar was hosted by Member Secretary Nagaland State Legal Services Authority N Longshithung Ezung and was attended by Nagaland judicial officers, retainer lawyers and panel lawyers and Project coordinators and District Project Assistants. (Page News Service)