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NSF urge SVC to expedite probe into irregularities in MDM Scheme


Dimapur, August 21: The Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) has asked the State Vigilance & Anti-Corruption Commission to expedite the investigation currently undertaken by the State Vigilance Commission into irregularities/mismanagement of Mid Day Meal Scheme and produce report within 30 days.
In a memorandum to the Vigilance Commissioner, State Vigilance & Anti-Corruption, Government of Nagaland, the NSF also demanded investigation into the discrepancies of Mid Day Meal Scheme for the year 2017 & 2018 and strict effective disciplinary measure initiated to penalize the defaulters of the implementing agencies.
The memorandum highlighted that the NSF and its federating units in the process of undertaking Education Tour 2018 visited various Government schools and found that Mid Day Meal Scheme was not provided to the students and the scheme had miserably failed in its implementation and deprived the students of their rights and benefits.
For the academic year 2018, NSF said most of the schools were not provided mid-day meal and many schools were supplied with only dal (dried, split pulses) and cooking cost without supply of any other commodities, which compelled the school management to sell few bags of dal in order to purchase rice and other commodities to provide meal to the students.
The federation impress upon the Vigilance Commissioner to expedite the investigation process and initiate strict effective disciplinary measure against the defaulters of the implementing agencies. (Page News Service)