Saturday, May 8, 2021

NSF torch bearer for Naga youths: Ninoto Awomi

Nagaland News

Kohima, April 30: Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) has been the torchbearer, for the youths and the Naga people at large, in fostering unity for all Naga tribes cutting across all shadow lines and artificial boundaries, said NSF president Ninoto Awomi.

Delivering the presidential address during the one-day 29th general conference at Naga Solidarity Park here today, Awomi said the Naga people and the entire region eagerly awaits an outcome based on the promise of a solution made by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.
“An agreement that will honour the historical and political rights of the Naga people and restore the pride of the Nagas without compromising its future,” he said.
Saying that Nagas have reached a historic crossroads in the journey and in defence of their rights and quest to restore the honour of the Naga people, he however regretted that, what started as a national movement is now slowly losing impetus into polarised camps, factions and groups, based on tribal and territorial lines, which is threatening the very fabric and the existence of Naga people.
Questioning as to what kind of future has been envisioned to build for the children and the upcoming generation, he said, “We cannot afford to allow the bitterness of the past to dictate the course of our future.”
Today, the younger generation yearns to live in peace and to be at par with the rest of the world, and the only way forward to realise this common hope is to learn to accommodate each other, setting aside all egos, past differences and enmity among the various Naga tribes, groups, factions and other barriers, he said.
“We have to step out from the parameters of our confinement and make a collective effort to bring about a life of dignity and the shared purpose of peaceful coexistence and respectful relationships within our own Naga people and with our neighbours. The students’ community and the youths have a vast role to play as ambassadors of goodwill and understanding to help create a harmonious environment where respect, democracy, justice and peace are the cornerstones of relationships amongst ourselves and with those living in close proximity with us,” he said.
The NSF president said Nagas must respect each other’s history and basic human rights, accept each other’s differences and value the common interests so as to establish a secure future.
“Our lives are intertwined with those people living among us and around us — the past, the present and the future. Let us strive to build a future where the entire region will thrive together in harmony,” he said.
As students and as educated youths, nation-building is an inalienable part of our responsibility, he said while calling upon all to rise up against corruption, mediocrity, isms and from our narrow tribalistic mindset.
The federation has always remained outright vocal and firm in action on matters which concerns the interests of the students’ community and the Naga people as a whole, he said.
Theme speaker, and Publisher of Morung Express, Akum Longchari said in situations of inequality, conflict, injustice and oppression, the word harmony is often misunderstood to imply weakness, compromise, and passivity.

Similarly for the powers that be, harmony may imply to “suffer peacefully,” and the true essence of harmony needs to be recovered and understood, he said. Harmony denotes action, relationships, and dynamism, Longchari stated.
He went on to state that to be in harmony in a time of discontentment is a radical act of truth, compassion, justice, acceptance, dignity and peace.
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