Monday, June 14, 2021

NSF, others condemn assault on Dr Sezo

Dimapur, April 4: The Naga Students’ Federation has condemned the unfortunate incident of April 3 at Dimapur wherein Dr. Nesozol, Quarantine Team Member, Dimapur was physically assaulted and his vehicle vandalised by the few police personnel on duty.
While appreciating the yoemen service being rendered by the state police force towards ensuring the proper enforcement of the nationwide lockdown in our collective bid to contain the spread of Corona virus (Covid-19), it is one off incident like this that takes away the shine from their selfless sacrifices, the NSF stated.
The Federation appreciated the gesture of DGP Nagaland, T. John Longkumar, IPS who publicly apologized for the incident and assured not only the medical brethren but also the general public that strict ‘action will be taken against those found guilty’ after an impartial enquiry.
Such prompt acceptance of his men’s mistakes and the subsequent apology on their behalf is a vindication of our belief that the state police force is in safe hands, it added.
The Federation further appreciated the medical fraternity, who are putting their own life and the lives of their near and dear ones at risk, in their sincere attempt to keep the people of the state safe from the deadly Covid-19, this, despite the utter lack of protective gears and other medical equipments required to combat the virus.
The NSF appealed to the medical fraternity who are at the forefront of the fight against the pandemic not be disheartened by the April 3 incident but take heart in the fact that the Naga Students’ and youths in particular and the entire populace of the state in general are banking on them to keep the state free from Covid-19.
It further appealed to all the essential service providers for more co-ordinated efforts between themselves so as to ensure that another April 3 like incident is averted in the near future.
It asked the general public to adopt a responsible lifestyle and strictly conform to the norms being laid down by the government during the entire period of the lockdown. (Page News Service)
TSUD: The Tenyimi Students’ Union Dimapur (TSUD) has also condemned the brutal assault and manhandling of Dr. Nosezol Sezo, Senior Specialist/Othopaedic ( Medziphema ,Dimapur)and Covid-19 Quarantine Official by Special Task Force Police Personnel on duty on April 3 at Purana Bazaar, while he was returning home after attending his duties.
The TSUD in it’s press release issued by President Rukewezo Wetsah and Finance Secretary Pechesin Bukh demanded that action be taken against those erring police personnel immediately and deliver justice at the earliest.
The TSUD further urges upon the Government and the Police Department to bear all the expenditures for the treatment of the victim; to provide security and escorts to all those working round the clock for Covid-19 Pandemic; to provide alternate vehicle for his conveyance as he continues to battle Covid-19 in the frontline and to ensure that his work are not hampered because his vehicle was damaged; to issue proper guidelines to its cadres to ensure that no such unfortunate incidents occurs and also depute Officers of calibre for supervision and guidance round the hour and to immediately identify and discharge those responsible for manhandling and assault of Dr Nosezol Sezo .
TSUD also prayed and wished Dr. Sezo a good health and a speedy recovery from his injuries.
KYOD, KSUD: The Kidima Youth Organization Dimapur and the Kidima student’s Union Dimapur have condemned the brutal physical assault against one of their members and advisor, Dr. Sezo, Senior Medical Officer and Quarantine Team Member for COVID-19 under CMO Dimapur, by police on the night of April 3.
The KYOD appealed to the concerned authority to take stern action and immediately terminate such erring personnel.
The KYOD further demanded that financial compensation be made for medical expenses and damage of the vehicle by the concerned authority at the earliest. (Page News Service)