NSF opposes imposition of Aadhar in State

NSF opposes imposition of Aadhar in State

Says Aadhar a big threat to Naga customary law

Dimapur, March 21: The Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) has strongly come out against imposition of Aadhar card/ Unique Identification (UID), terming it as a big threat to Naga customary law and identity.
“It is nothing but a direct challenge of privacy threatening even the idea of Nagas right to self-determination. Imposing of such drastic nationalising policy upon the Nagas pending the final Indo-Naga solution is thus inimical to the process of Indo-Naga peace dialogue,” it said in a representation to the Chief Minister of Nagaland today.
Reminding that the State of Nagaland under Article 371 (A) is being exempted from the applicability of the Acts of Parliament in respect of religious or social practices of the Nagas, Naga customary law and procedure, administration of civil and criminal justice involving decisions according to Naga customary law, and ownership and transfer of land and its resources, the federation said the State Legislative Assembly has a special prerogative to decide whether an Act of Parliament should be made applicable to the State.
“It is thus, the bounden duty of the State Legislative Assembly to defend, protect, uphold and advance the sanctity of this special status conferred by the Constitution of India and all the more so as the right to self-determination is the inalienable right of the Nagas.”
The NSF also noted that enforcement of Aadhar is aggressively being pursued only in some selected states of Northeast India unlike in the other mainland Indian states for the reasons best known to the Government of India.
The NSF team which meet the Chief Minister today and deliberated on issues and also submitted the representation to highlight various issues that are pending or yet to be taken up by the Government though several letters and representations have been served.
MDM: The federation also
expressed concern over the non-implementation of Mid Day Meal scheme in some schools in the State. It claimed that some schools have not even provided Mid Day Meal even once for the previous academic sessions, and wondered how the scheme never reached the grassroots for whom the project was intended for.
Citing its findings, the NSF said it can be concluded that the amount sanctioned for the scheme were siphoned off by some unscrupulous elements, while seeking effective strict disciplinary measures against the defaulters of the implementing agency.
The federation impressed upon the CM to expedite the investigation process being undertaken by the State Vigilance Commission into irregularities/mismanagement of Mid Day Meal Scheme.
Free uniforms & text books: The NSF also lamented that almost all the schools in the State there are serious delay in distribution of school uniforms and text books. It appealed for the CM’s intervention so as to enable the students to avail the facilities at the earliest.
PMS: The federation said in spite of the written assurance given by the Government through the Chief Secretary Office on 7th December, 2017 to disburse the total amount of scholarship to the student beneficiaries, still around 12,000 students are yet to receive their Post Matric Scholarship for the year 2016-2017. The federation sought necessary action so as to enable for payment of the pending scholarship at the earliest.
GT Exam: On the School Education Departmental examination for selection of Graduate Teachers (Science and Mathematics) held on 25th September 2017, the federation said it had through its representation dated 22-9-2017 and a reminder letter Dated 07-11-2017 addressed to the Minister of School Education appealed for selection of indigenous inhabitant applicants of the State on priority, considering the huge number of educated unemployed youths and for which the Minister of School Education replied for consideration of only eligible applicants of the indigenous inhabitants of the State through letter Ref. No. Min. (PHED)-7/2017 dated 9-11-2017.
However, NSF said as per the results declared for Graduate Teachers (Mathematics) on 22-2-2018, it appeared that candidates selected “were against the aspiration and voice of the student community.” Reiterating its earlier representation, the federation appeal that the declaration of selection of non-indigenous inhabitant applicants of the State should be nullified and the subsequent waiting list merit indigenous inhabitant applicants be considered for selection to the vacant posts.
ILP: Stating that the influx of non-locals and illegal immigrants into the State and the lack of stringent implementation of the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation (BERF) Act of 1873 and the provisions of BERF Act 1873 being too old and many of its provisions of the Act becoming irrelevant in our present context, the NSF sought response to its representation Ref No. NSF-CS/Memo-1/17-19 submitted to the Chief Secretary on the 4-10-2017.
Backdoor Appointment: In line with the Office Memorandum (OM) of 6th June 2016 issued by the Government of Nagaland banning of all forms of appointment, the federation demanded the Government to initiate enquiry into departments violating the Office Memorandum (OM) and to terminate the service of the backdoor appointees.
Roads: While appreciating the effort of the new Government to undertake the repairing and renovation of the roads, the NSF said strict supervising of the works be carried out in order to enable quality workmanship and to ensure quality construction of the roads. It said the federating units of NSF with the various student unions shall vigilantly monitor the process of the works being carried out. (Page News Service)