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NSF honours 37 Naga HSLC toppers

NSF honours
Nagaland Home Commissioner M Patton, NSF officials and others with Naga HSLC topperson June 15, 2019

Kohima, June 15: The Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) today honoured 37 bonafide Naga toppers in the HSLC examinations 2019 and looks forward more success Nagaland Commissioner M. Patton as guest speaker
In a felicitation programme held here at Hotel Japfu, the NSF felicitated 34 Naga HSLC toppers of the exam conducted by Nagaland Board of School Education and another three from Manipur Board of School Education.
In his address, Patton urged upon the students to adapt themselves to the fast changing world to move ahead and at the same time told them to carry on with the same hard work and dedication which has helped them to emerge success.
He said that in course of their journey, there may be obstacles and challenges coming on their way, “but one has to accept such challenges and move ahead.”
He asked them to equip themselves with new ideas and strategies to survive.
“Gone are the days when a mere degree will help you become somebody. This is the age of where career planning and mapping your future will help achieve your goals,” he said.
Encouraging the toppers to think beyond their family circle, village, district, tribe, state and even beyond the nation, and cracking the NPSC or the UPSC examinations, he said “Think and dream also about the NITI Aayog, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, The Asian Development Bank, The World Bank and even of the NASA.”
He urged the toppers to run with the international runners.
The commissioner also said that failure is not the end, but it could be an opportunity to revive ourselves and move forward.
“Many failed students and school dropouts went onto to become important inventors, scientists, entrepreneurs and important personalities later in life,” he said.
In this, he urged the students to take failure as part of life and not misfortune.
He maintained that both success and failures are part of life and should be acknowledged as such.
“Do not get carried away by your success but use your ability for a greater purpose, because success is not permanent but a point to take off to a greater height. Also, failure is not permanent but may be an opportunity to revive our life,” Patton said.
Stating that parents want their children to become the best and responsible people, he told them to inculcate values and skills, which would shape them to do better human beings.
Also stating that good marks and book knowledge alone is not sufficient to mould their children, he urged the parents to teach good habit, work culture and respect to culture and elders.
Also stating that job opportunity in the government sector has reached saturation point, he told the parents to lead their children towards self survival.
“We should teach them to be self reliant, to survive in this competitive age,” he said.
Meanwhile, encouraging the NSF, Patton said that NSF, as an apex student body has a lot of role to play in Naga society. “You can be an agent of change in the society as you lead the ‘Think Tank’ group of the society,” he said.
Stating that there may be a situation where they (NSF) may have to confront with various authorities including the government, he said “At such times, you need to use your wisdom, because they also work under various constraining positions/situations on many occasion.”
Delivering the presidential address, Ninoto Awomi said “We are proud of your achievement”. Awomi urged upon them to continue to work hard and at the same time appreciated their hard work, good habit and perseverance which led to their success.
Think smart, be humble and submit yourself to God and transform yourself into an indispensable asset of the Naga society, he said. Awomi also asked them to be always consistent as they are today.
During the programme Keneisenu Tetso spoke on behalf of toppers while NSF education secretary Kegwayhun Tep led the proceedings of felicitation to toppers. The programme was chaired by NSF general secretary Liremo R. Kikon while vote of thanks was tendered by NSF social & culture secretary Yimlanger Jamir.
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