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NSF, DNSU decries forced vax in edu institutions

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DIMAPUR, JANUARY 19: After Rising People’s Party, now the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) and the Dimapur Naga Students Union (DNSU) have made similar claim that it has been receiving multiple complaints about education institutions making COVID-19 vaccination compulsory for students to attend classes/appear in examinations.
“This is unbecoming of the authorities as vaccination should be taken with the freewill and clear conscience of the receiver and not forced upon”, the NSF stated in a press release issued on Wednesday.
According to the Federation, it is not against COVID-19 vaccine but forcing it upon students is “not the right way forward”.
It appealed to the authorities concerned to refrain from “such dictatorial practices which have been a cause of great mental & emotional stress to the young students”.
“The Federation also appeals to the students’ community to exercise prudence and ensure that all COVID-19 SOPs laid down by the appropriate authority is followed in toto in their everyday dealings. More so, the vaccine hesitancy needs to be done away with after having thoroughly studied the health implications based on scientific facts and not just relying on hearsay or fake social media updates. This way, our society can trump over the deadly COVID-19”, it added.
DNSU: The Dimapur Naga Students Union (DNSU) has expressed serious concern over complaint from students and parents/guardians that some educational institutions have denied entry into some institutions to unvaccinated students.
“The imposition of the urgency to take the vaccine in schools is totally against the freedom of choice of every individual”, the Union said in a press release.
Stating that the Union, in line with the directives of the Supreme Court, opines that any individual including students should not be forced to take vaccination, the release also expressed shock by what it alleged is the “non-sensible directive” of the Government of Nagaland to allow only vaccinated students in educational institutions.
“In the latest SOP updated by the Government, the in-bound travellers are asked to produce a RT-PCR negative report, vaccinated or not. Meaning, a vaccinated certificate holds no value for entry in the State. The Union is confused as to why the vaccination certificate is so necessary for the students”, it wondered.
The Union appealed the Government to come up with a better strategy to cope with the situation as its directive is affecting students’ career. Further, it appealed to school authorities to exercise wisdom and be logical in the matter and ensure that their action do not risk students’ careers.
DNSU also urged any students facing coercion imposed by educational institutions to contact the office at 9077416856, 9862531781.
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