Sunday, December 3, 2023

NSF condemns Minister’s “arguments” on Naga flag, constitution

Nagaland News

DIMAPUR, MARCH 23: The Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) has condemned what it stated was the arguments forwarded by Minister Temjen Imna Along against the Naga people’s stand that the Naga flag and constitution be accepted and recognised by the Government of India as part of the Indo-Naga solution.
“His insinuation that certain Naga political groups are indulging in delaying tactics for their selfish gains only reflects the shallow understanding of the issue that is just, fair and righteous. While he indulges in rhetorics that pleases his political bosses at the Centre, he has altogether forgotten the blood, sweat and tears of those who gave up their everything in order to usher in a solution that is inclusive, honourable and acceptable to every Naga individual”, the NSF stated in a press release.
According to the Federation, the Minister’s conviction that separate flag and constitution would not form a part of the ‘solution’ reeks of a conspiracy to deprive Naga people of their legitimate rights “wherein he is an integral part of, if not the mastermind of the same”.
“It is truly saddening that the elected people’s representative fails to truly comprehend the larger issue at hand and chooses to be the shadow and the echo of the few names he threw around during his eloquently crafted speech at the State Legislative Assembly. The Federation condemns his inability to assert the rights of the Naga people and for towing the lines of those truly responsible for the delay in honouring the ‘unique history and situation’ of the Naga people”, it stated.
The Federation maintained that being a first-time elected member of the State Legislative Assembly does not automatically qualify the Minister to make sweeping statements on an issue that is more than a century old and involves the sacrifices of the entire Naga people.
“The Federation demands that the sentiments of the Naga people are truly respected by him and that no further attempts to placate his alter-egos are made”, it added. (Page News Service)