NSF clarifies on ultimatum served to Govt

NSF clarifies on ultimatum served to Govt

‘SSB will curb rampant backdoor appointments’

Dimapur, March 4: The Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) today clarified that the 15-day ultimatum served to the Government of Nagaland demanding setting up of Staff Selection Board (SSB) was to ensure that every educated youth of Nagaland gets equal job opportunity in matters of public employment as per law and it does not apply to those outside the present State of Nagaland.
“The signature appended by the federating units outside the present State of Nagaland does not mean that by appending signature they will benefit anything or get job opportunity under the exams conducted by the Staff Selection Board (SSB) of Nagaland. The Federation is clear on this,” said NSF president Ninoto Awomi and general secretary Liremo R Kikon in a clarification after a meeting with federating units and subordinate bodies at its office in Kohima.
The clarification said the sole purpose of the federation demanding the setting up of SSB was to curb rampant backdoor appointments which deprives the hardworking youth from facing proper selection process. “It is a fact that rampant backdoor appointment is sabotaging meritocracy in the State of Nagaland. Unless it is controlled, the corrupted system will only push our State backward. The ultimate purpose of the Federation is to encourage and promote the competitive mindset of our youth at all levels,” it stated.
Requesting all not to cast any apprehension on the setting up of SSB, the NSF said it has a clear vision with the sole target to protect equal rights of all the Naga youth of Nagaland in matters of public employment. It added that setting up SSB will not affect the reservation of backward quota including the reservation for persons with disabilities, etc.
The clarification appealed to Nagas in general not to succumb to confusion and also to be aware of divisive forces that will break the federation apart. “We appreciate the constructive criticism; however, the target on focus at large should not be compromised in the confusion,” it said.
The NSF also informed that the consultative meeting held today reiterated on the ultimatum served to the Chief Minister of Nagaland with legitimate demands to be considered at the earliest. (Page News Service)