Friday, April 16, 2021
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NSF asks NPGs to disclose ‘agreed points’ with GoI

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Dimapur, August 7: The Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) has appealed to both Naga political groups (NPGs) – NSCN-IM and NNPG – to lay out the clear post accord arrangement, governance model and ideology, which has been clearly agreed and accepted by the Government of India.
In a press release, NSF president Ninoto Awomi and vice president Dievi Yano maintained that Nagas have crossed the stage to be making political assumptions or interpretations, as any negotiation or agreement can be legally binding and conclusive if both parties mutually accept – GoI and the Naga Political Groups.
To ink the final agreement, the NSF insisted that it needs to be deliberated with transparency on what is best to be taken for the Naga society in the present political context, which has been agreed by GoI and Naga political groups.
“Our Naga political struggle is a people’s movement, therefore, it is the sentiment of the entire Naga youth and the Naga people in general to have a say by disclosing the agreed points and deliberate the points which is acceptable with the public in the present geo-political scenario, closely reviewing issues obstructing the early signing of the peace accord for permanent peace in the region.
“It is the wishes of the Naga youth in general and the Naga people that issues which need further deliberation and is a bottleneck to the peace accord be documented for Naga generations ahead to take the correct course of action. We are resolute that in the process ahead there can be no compromise on the unique history, identity, legitimate political rights and aspirations of the Nagas,” it stated. (Full Test) (Page News Service)