Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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NSF asks Govt not to mix RIIN with ILP regime


Dimapur, July 31: The Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) today demanded the Government of Nagaland not to mix RIIN with the ILP regime as the RIIN issue is under the consideration of the committee being set up by the government.
It also asked the government not to further delay the implementation of ILP due to RIIN or any other reason whatsoever.
Stating that the government should implement the ILP regime in Dimapur district in toto, the NSF also asked the government to envisage an effective mechanism to protect all genuine citizens.
It also said a time bound period should be set for the ILP regime implementation effective immediately.
The NSF also endorsed the Abhishek Singh recommendation for the ILP regime implementation in Dimapur district and said that the mechanism should be strictly implemented based on their previous propositions through their representations and memorandums.
The NSF asked the government to exercise the political will to deliver on its commitment.
In a press release, issued by its president, Ninoto Awomi and vice-president, Dievi Yano, the NSF stated that successive government have miserably failed to implemented and execute the ILP diligently and sincerely for more than 6 decades, but instead allowed the racket to flourish all through the years.
It said there is no better document to regulate the flow of tourists and control the influx of illegal immigrants than the ILP.
It said the lack of stringent implementation of the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation (BEFR) 1873 and the exclusion of Dimapur district from the purview of ILP have made Dimapur district a safa haven for illegal immigrants.
“It is without any doubt to assert that, overwhelming population of people with questionable identities are inhabiting Dimapur District which is evident as most of them do not possess any documents of their Identification Proof,” it said adding, “It is also an established fact that, if Dimapur is allowed to be converted to a melting pot, overwhelmed by people with questionable identities, the rest of Nagaland in particular and the North Eastern hills will be illegally dominated, threatening our identity, culture and our very survival and resulting in societal destruction”. (Page News Service)