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NSF asked to carry forward support to Naga issue on 75th Foundation Day

NSF foundation day

KOHIMA, OCTOBER 29: Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) today celebrated 75th Foundation Day with a call to carry forward the legacy of supporting and strengthening the Naga political cause.
Former president (1991-93) K Temjen Jamir while giving a brief genesis and journey of NSF underscored that the Naga students’ movement had strengthened the Naga political movement.

The NSF was founded on the democratic principles of Naga unity and their political and cultural rights, he said.
“That is the legacy and responsibility passed on to us and we are equally responsible to pass on to the next generation so that the spirit of Naga Unity is not diminished and Naga aspiration to live as a nation with dignity is not forgotten”, said Jamir.
“In course of the last 75 years of our journey, we have fearlessly confronted the power that threatened our existence as one people”, he said, adding that the NSF has overcome so many destructive elements and adversaries that it keeps on attempting to weaken its strength.
“NSF story is a Naga story where we see many of our past NSF leaders committing their lives for the cause of the Naga people. Many of our past NSF leaders were tortured at the hands of Indian armed forces just because they wanted to protect their own people from violation of human rights, some were jailed in neighbouring State just because they were trying to protect their ancestral land and her natural resources, some young Naga students gave their precious lives in defending the rights of Naga people, some were beaten black and blue by Indian armed forces while on NSF duty to check ILP and some undergone fast unto death for the sake securing employment for Naga students”, he said.
These are the stories of NSF not to be disheartened but to get inspiration, he said while maintaining that these stories should be sources of strength for present and future Naga students.
The former NSF president also expressed hope that the Federation continues to have strong NSF leadership to fulfill the dream of founding members.
Jamir also called upon all to rededicate themselves to the cause that the NSF is founded upon.
In his commemoration address, former president (2003-05), Achumbemo Kikon recollected the events leading to formation of NSF in 1947 and the Nagas politics struggle thus far, said NSF has been playing its role and continues to take up issues confronting the Naga students but should not deviate from the foundation of the Federation, which is to support the Naga political issue.
He urged the young Naga student leaders to reaffirm the commitment to the Naga cause, while also attending the social cause of the students’ community.

Incumbent NSF president Kegwayhun Tep leading the gathering in paying silent tribute to the past leaders, who have died, asserted that they would continue to carry forward the legacy of the forefathers and also continue to uphold the footprints left behind by them.
Chaired by NSF vice president Atokiho Sumi the programme commenced with Pastor of Chakhesang Baptist Church, Minister’s Hill Kohima Rev Dr Wepre Mero. Special numbers were presented by Arenchenla Walling and Keneisenuo Sorhie while general secretary Süpuni Ng Philo tendered the vote of thanks and secretary publicity and information Mteisuding pronounced benediction.
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