NSCN(R) on killing of youth in Changlang


Apropos the recent unfortunate killing of a youth in ‘Changlang’, the NSCN(R) after an intensive, impartial and thorough investigation, to ascertain the cause(s) that led to the death of Late Hangkon Solting, the following facts were found thus;
Late Solting, had earlier served as a Pastor but on being removed from the chair by a Local Church due to his questionable character got himself enrolled as an active member in the NSCN-K2 (NSCN-Khango Konyak) and was deeply involved in carrying out extortion activities from the local villages under Khimyang and Kantang circles, and Changlang town. He was working hand-in-glove with Mr.Hangnang Pangtha (a.k.a. Pandong Pangtha) of Village Jongji-Havi under Khimyang Circle, Changlang district, who is the Revenue collector of NSCN-K2, and who operates from Dimapur.
Late Solting was extorting money at the behest of Mr.Hangnang from local people including shopkeepers and was expanding their extortion network to nearby towns under Changlang district.
Few days ahead of his death, Late Solting had served extortion notice amounting to Rs. 50,000/- each to all villages under Khimyang and Kantang Circle. After forcefully collecting money from some of the villages he was pressing hard from the remaining villagers as well and asking them to pay heed to his demand. Late Solting was warned by the local people not to harass them since the TCL Area (Tirap, Changlang and Longding) has borne maximum brunt of ‘Naga Political Movement’ owing to its close proximity with Myanmar. The TCL area has been often forced to pay taxes beyond their limits by different factions of NSCN apart from various other groups which keeps moving from the area from time to time. The NSCN(R) is the only group which has exempted the local people from any form of taxation through a ‘CIRCULAR AND A NEWS PUBLICATION ON FEBRAURY 2016 UNDER THE NEWS CAPTION, “NSCN (R) EXEMPTS TAXES IN NAGA AREAS OF ARUNACHAL PRADESH”.
There was already a very strong anti-taxation wave building in the TCL areas. The extortion letter served by Late Solting triggered the outburst of the sentiments of some people and he fell victim to the mob fury.
As such the allegation by the NSCN-K2 against the NSCN-R is very unfortunate and uncalled for, which is completely baseless and irrational. During the process of investigation some photographic and circumstantial evidences were recovered and the same will be handed over to the ‘Law Enforcing Agency(s)’ to substantiate our fact findings and to get to the bottom of the case.

Issued by;
MIP (Ministry of Information & Publicity)
NSCN/GPRN (Reformation)

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