NSCN (R) welcomes


Dimapur, June 10: The NSCN (Reformation) has welcomed Eshu Konyak (Dy. Kilonser) of Myanmar based Yung Aung led NSCN(K) who officially joined the group on June 6.
According to a release by MIP NSCN (R) Eshu Konyak joined the NSCN (R) on his own volition keeping in mind the recent ‘political talks’ between GoI and the NNPGs and wanting to contribute to the Naga cause in his own capacities.
“Konyak pledged allegiance to the banner of NSCN (R) under the dynamic leadership of Y.Wangtin Naga, Akato Chophi and Tikhak,” the release said.
Officials of NSCN (R) welcomed the Dy. Kilonser at the Office of Ceasefire Monitoring Cell, Mon, it informed.
Yimchunger national workers clarifies
Reacting to the ‘mass resignation’ of Yimchunger national workers under NSCN (Reformation) published in the local dailies, Athong Yim, Dy. Kilonser (Defence), Among Yim, joint secretary, Yimto (PRO), Major Lesanmong and Major Chuba, on behalf of the Yimchunger national workers of NSCN(R) have stated that at no point of time did they tendered resignation but are very much still within the folds of the NSCN (R).
“Hence the recent statement issued by some former Yimchunger national workers of NSCN (R) is a clear case of ‘defection’ and not a ‘mass resignation’ as claimed,” said a release issued by Yimchunger national workers, NSCN (R).
The signatories stated that the NSCN(R) have done nothing wrong against any individual or community “hence any individual/person/ groups/unions trying to create animosities and to polarise the situation within tribal lines has their own vested interests and does not reflect the image or views (whatsoever) of the Yimchunger National Workers under NSCN(R) in any manner.”
(Page News Service)