Saturday, July 24, 2021
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NSCN (R) reacts to KYGK

The office of the President is appalled at the article published in the local dailies today by the Kulolau Yemishe Ghami Kuqhakulu (KYGK) on the revocation and appointment of Khekato Kenny. The office of the President NSCN/GPRN-REFORMATION would like to draw the attention of all concern that, the NSCN/GPRN-REFORMATION is in no way interested in a particular individual nor would be a shield to any person involve in a criminal act.
Late Maj. Toishe Yeptho of the NSCN(IM) was shot dead by unknown assailants at around 7.30 PM on 16th of August 2019 at his residence. The next day Kilonser Khekato Kenny, came under attack from the heavily NSCN (IM) armed cadres at his residence and also received a bullet injury, Killing of any individual from any of the faction is never an achievement and more so at this time when all the Naga people across the Naga inhabited areas are prayerfully looking for an early solution. We vehemently condemned the gruesome murder of a young Naga Army at that time and on being suspected of Khekato Kenny’s involvement he was immediately expelled from the party to allow free hand to the law enforcing agency to probe the matter. After a span of more than a year and half it was revealed to us through a confessional statement of the accused who are now behind bars that , Kehkato Kenimi was nowhere involved in the killing of Late. Maj. Toishe Yeptho. In the absence of any convincing evidence of his involvement we came to a conclusion that, his expulsion was un-necessary and therefore revoked and re-instead him. Moreover, the office of the President NSCN/GPRN-REFORMATION has in no point in time received any written complain from the KYGK nor anyone has come in person to speak to us on the issue. The concern of KYGK did appeared in the local dailies but it is not possible to take decision on the basis of newspaper report.
The confessional statement of the accused are with us in the office of the President and therefore, the leaders of Yemishe village led by the President Vihoshe Sema and General Secretary Ayeho Z Ayemi may come to our Council Headquarter and avail the copy of it within next 10 (ten) days.
Naga leaders from whichever community we may be but, at the core of our heart we are Naga first and our leader has travelled far and wide and set his foot in majority of the Naga homeland to contribute in a very small yet significant way to salvage the Naga people whom we consider our own. Therefore, let us not stoop that low to drag the name of our Naga leaders in petty criminal activities.
Manka Konyak,
P.A. to President,

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