Saturday, April 10, 2021

NSCN (R) on financial contribution towards ‘common Naga cause’

Dimapur, February 24: The NSCN/GPRN (Reformation) has acknowledged and expressed gratitude to all patrons and well wishers for their un-daunting contribution/donations made towards the NSCN (R) for the sustenance of the “common Naga cause”.
However, it said “some unscrupulous elements” are taking undue advantage of its goodwill gesture and collecting/demanding in NSCN (R)’s name which cannot be tolerated at all costs. It said in some cases, some ‘self appointed/claimed so called ‘Brokers (Dallals)’ appears on the scene from both sides (donors and beneficiary) who, for their own huge shares and benefits, creates misunderstanding and animosities within.
It also expressed shock that some from the faction mostly holding high hierarchal position calls the shot as “bouncers” but which makes the negotiation as almost as “confrontations” and warned that it may take ugly turn some day.
The NSCN (R) claimed that it knows the exact identities of those “shoddy characters/bouncers” from other factions and would disclose their names or even arrest them if need be.
It further said any financial matter including royalties/legitimate collection/donations/contributions to be dealt through the Chaplee (Finance) Secretary, T G Achumi.
The NSCN (R) also made it clear that, except through the Finance Secretary, no middlemen/brokers etc would be assigned to facilitate nor it would accept any brokers/middlemen/bouncers, to negotiate any Financial matters pertaining to NSCN (R).
(Page News Service)