Friday, June 18, 2021
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NSCN (R) flays Governor for equating NPGs with ‘armed gang’

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Dimapur, June 29: The NSCN (R) has hit out at Governor of Nagaland, RN Ravi for equating 73 years of Naga national movement (NNM) to ‘law & order’ situation and referring to Naga Political Groups (NPGs) as ‘armed gang’.
In a statement, the MIP NSCN/GPRN (Reformation) stated that history can never be changed nor re-written no matter how hard one tries to. However, it said the attempt to distort history by some respected personalities like Ravi is “very unbecoming of a Interlocutor/Governor.”
The NSCN (R) also referred to Ravi as a ‘Governator’ who, it alleged, instead of fulfilling his Constitutional obligation is acting more like a “Terminator of Naga history”.
“Such Interlocutor who says one thing in New Delhi and does just the opposite, is very ironic, and makes one wonder how divisive and dangerous a mindset such a person carries,” it said.
Stating that the Naga national movement is a history of blood and tears where every single Nagas has suffered at the hands of the more powerful neighbour, the NSCN (R) said demeaning Naga history is like putting “salt to injury”.
The NSCN (R) also flayed some “Naga writers and political parties” for coming out blindly in support of the Interlocutor. It asked the Governor and his supporter to remember that the “Naga history is not your plaything for you to fiddle it around.”
The NSCN (R) also expressed outrage at the harassment and ordeals unleashed upon NSCN members in and around Dimapur by the Assam Rifles. “These callous acts of SF (Security Forces)/AR (Assam Rifles) are very uncalled for and highly questionable,” it said.
Citing the Ceasefire Ground Rules Part 1(D), which states that no ‘raids (especially of card holders) will be conducted by the SF, the NSCN (R) asked why the SF is conducting blatant raids after raids without any regard to CFGR and CF Office. “If the SF/AR, by taking advantage of ceasefire, continue their sadistic bullying nature, then what is the meaning of ceasefire,” it asked.
The NSCN (R) asked the competent authorities to discipline and rein-in the “rampaging AR boys”, saying the hard earned peace and decorum maintained between two entities (GoI and NSCN) is too dear a price to be derailed because of “some few wayward, indisciplined and unethical AR boys.” (Page News Service)