NSCN (R) finds Khekato guilty in Aug 16 killing; terminates his service

NSCN (R) finds Khekato guilty in Aug 16 killing; terminates his service

Dimapur, August 28: The NSCN/GPRN (Reformation) has terminated Khekato Kinny, Defence Kilonser cum UT1 Supervisor and Chungshi Longkumer, Deputy Kilonser with immediate effect after finding out that they were involved in the killing of NSCN (IM) official ‘Maj’ Toishe on August 16 last.
The MIP, NSCN (R) said the two were terminated after an extraordinary emergency joint council meeting held on August 28 called under the direction of the president. They were terminated to let the law take it own course and to facilitate a free and fair trial, it said.
Late Toishe was gunned down at his residence in Purana Bazaar by two masked gunmen that came in motorcycle at around 7:30 pm. He was immediately rushed to Zion Hospital but doctors declared him dead on arrival.
Following the August 16 incident, on August 20 there was a shootout between the NSCN (IM) and the NSCN (R) outside Khekato Kinny’s residence, after the NSCN (IM) reportedly went to question him on the August 16 killing. Khekato was reportedly injured in the shootout.
After the August 20 gunfight, the NSCN (IM) on August 21 had stated that Khekato Kinny was involved in the murder of (L) Lieut.Col.Toishe Yeptho on August 16 and that it cannot allow him to go scot-free but will put him through the scrutiny of fair trial for the “cold blooded murder.”
Khekato Kinny had also clarified on August 21 that he was in no way involved in the August 16 killing. “In the sight of God, I want to clarify to everyone concerned (through MIP) that I was in no way involved in the unfortunate killing of Maj. Toishe,” he had claimed on August 21.
Announcing the termination of the two leaders, the NSCN (R) made its stand clear that it will neither condone nor abet crime or criminals, and expressed deep regret over the August 16 incident that took away ‘one precious life.’
The termination of the duo is as per its earlier stand to take action upon any NSCN (R) members, irrespective of rank, files or status, but according to the national azha and party discipline, the MIP said.
Regarding the other three involved in the August 16 incident, who the NSCN (R) identified as Tali, Nungsang and Vishiho, the MIP said they are not from the NSCN (R) and hence it is not up to them. “It is up to the prerogative of the law enforcing agency(s) and competent authorities to enforce action on them,” it added. (Page News Service)