Saturday, September 18, 2021

NSCN (R) condemns SF’s “arbitrary raid”

Nagaland News

DIMAPUR, AUGUST 31: The NSCN/GPRN (Reformation) has condemned what it stated was the arbitrary raid at the residence of ‘Kilonser’ Khekato by security forces at around 2 a.m. on August 30.

A press release by the group on Tuesday stated that the incident has “caused much chaos, fuss and fear psychosis” besides harassment and mental affliction upon the family members, including minor children.
“The misadventures of the AR/SF should stop immediately by all means and not to be mistaken by the silence of the NSCN, as weakness, since the patience of the NSCN is just to observe the spirit and sanctity of the CFGR (Ceasefire Ground Rules) and also to respect the desire of the people for peace which should not be misconstrued as cowardice or submission”, it stated.
The group reminded that on May 31 last too, the Assam Rifles had raided the same functionary’s residence and the group had raised the issue at the CF meeting at Kohima and also at Delhi.
During the meeting, the CFSB team reminded the CFGR which stipulates that “no raid, ambush or offences will be carried upon the NSCN’s members”, and urged the competent authority to review the same.
“The NSCN (R) also maintained that if there are any discrepancies, the matter should be conveyed to the CFSB team/office to facilitate the issue where it was mutually consented upon that both parties will maintain the CFGR, at all cost, and to control their respective boys/jawans.
“However it appears, yet again that while the NSCN is trying to maintain the CFGR, the SF/AR boys are acting otherwise and continuing to carrying on the rampage of raid after raid, which is nothing short of a double-standard attitude”, it stated.

The group appealed to the “competent authority(s)” to immediately intervene to restrain such offensive and provoking action, “lest the hard-earned peace is jeopardised and compromised because of few wayward and undisciplined boys”.
(Page News Service)