Thursday, April 15, 2021

NSCN (R) condemns 35 AR

Dimapur, February 22: The NSCN/ GPRN (Reformation) has condemned the brutal action of 35th Assam Rifle Mon, where its President Y. Wangtin Naga was intercepted and one cadre along with arms was arrested without any rhyme and reason today.
The NSCN/ GPRN (Reformation) stated that, even after the President revealed his identity, the 35th Assam Rifle Commander of the group Maj Nekhil humiliated and dishonored the president pleas, which is ‘intolerable and unacceptable’ under any circumstances, where the president is having negotiating the political talk with the Government of India.
It said such kind of brutal action is detrimental toward the peaceful solution between the Nagas and India.
The President is being authorized to move with guards and is even authorized by the Government of India under Ceasefire ground rules, but the Commander of 35th Assam Rifles have violated to honor the Ceasefire agreement, the NSCN (R) alleged.
The NSCN (R) appreciated CFSB Chairman Lt. Gen. ( Retd) Shoukin Chauhan for creating such a situation where understanding had been already been made between the security forces and the negotiating group of people, but his endeavor and his hardworking has been demeaned byAssam Rifles.
The NSCN/ GPRN (Reformation) also appreciated the CFSB Chairman Lt. Gen ( Retd) Shoukin Chauhan for immediate intervention against the humiliation of its president who is engaged a political talk with the Government of India.
(Page News Service)