Sunday, December 3, 2023
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NSCN (R) clarifies

This is once again a grim reminder to all, that through the directive of the President, an Extraordinary Emergency Joint Council Meeting was called on 28th August 2019, wherein in the meeting, the House unanimously resolved to Expel Mr. Khekato Kinny, former Kilonser, for his involvement in the cold blooded murder of NSCN(I’M)’s Major Toishe for which his case number GR 674/19 is still pending at the Police Station.
In this connection, the NSCN (R) subsequently also reaffirmed and reiterated that the joint Decisions still ‘Stands Firm’ and in no way ‘Revoked’ which was also sent to all Medias and Publication House, on 13/09/2019
Besides, the NSCN (R) further issued cautionary note and published in all leading papers, on 08/07/2020 to refrain from associating with ‘Ousted elements’, and if found so, it shall be viewed as ‘Intentional and Willful Defilement’ of this Decree, which will attract penalties, and severe actions be initiated upon defaulters, as per NSCN’s Ahza.
Whereas, it is in everyone’s knowledge that any decisions taken by Joint Council in any setup, is final and binding and if any further decisions has to be decided and resolved, will be the prerogative of the Joint council only, on the advise of the Collective Leadership.
Hence, the intelligence and wisdom of all concerned is entreated upon, and hence, the press statement expelling 06 sincere and dedicated members and also mischievously appointing Khekato as Finance Kilonser, is just some amusing theatrics, perpetrated by some few disgruntled drifters null.
All concerned are also beseeched upon to kindly take note that Mr. TG (Tokato) Achumi is still holding the responsibilities of Chaplee affairs, and if anyone dealing with the ousted and estranged elements shall be doing so in their own risk.
This statements may also reflect the Clarification sought by the esteemed and benign office of the DIMAPUR YEMISHE UNION and DIMAPUR LIZUTO UNION, that appeared on all dailies appealing the NSCN(R) to clarify position on Khekato, who claimed that his termination is revoked.
The NSCN (R) also makes our stand clear and envokes the Wisdom of any individual or groups, that if perchance the YEMISHE, or LIZUTO or the IM’s wants to reconcile with Khekato, the NSCN has nothing to do with it.
However, the NSCN once again reaffirms strongly if that any decision has to be decided against Khekato, it will be done only through the Joint Council, and no other claims shall be entertained whatsoever.
Issued by:
MIP (Ministry of Information & Publicity)
NSCN/GPRN (Reformation)