Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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NSCN (R) 6th Foundation Day message

Respected Comrades, and my beloved Countrymen, on this 6th foundation day, I on behalf of the NSCN(R), comprising of all Ranks and Files extends our ‘Revolutionary Salute’ to each and everyone of you while, at the same time gives unconditional gratitudes to our Almighty for bringing us thus far.
It was not in our intent to create another organisation that adds more burden to the people but was constrained by the fact that while on my way to a ceasefire meeting on 27th March 2015, I was arrested on 26th March and was subjected to mental torture and physical harrasments by the Indian Security Agents, on the grounds that Late Mr. Khaplang had abrogated Ceasefire Agreements and had started to attack the Indian Army.
This was an unprecedented move which was Arbitrary, Despotic, Dictatorial and a one man show since none was consulted. Let alone consulting other members, even I who was the then Supervisor/Convenor of CFSB was not made known, for the reason best known to the Late Leader.
Nonetheless, it was clear to my conscience that the Naga people wanted Ceasefire to continue at all cost, hence had to take into confidence of all like minded cadres who wanted to continue with Ceasefire, where the majority was with the pro-Ceasefire who wanted to work in line for peace with the People’s interests as top priority.
However, while in attempt to facilitate and to broker peace between Nagas and GoI, the camp was unfortunately divided into pro-Peace and against-Peace. I sincerely salute all my comrades who with their unwavering spirits, stood their grounds undeterred and supported me all along this common Journey of ours.
No matter what, I appeal to all my fellow leaders, comrades and brethrens to let bygone be bygone and let us all work together in unison, since we are all aware that we may perhaps have some differences in our Approach, yet we also truly know that our Aims, Objectives and Goals are of the Same Target.
We all must understand that ‘Disunity’ is our biggest enemy and perhaps the greatest threat to our Cause, and hence I appeal to my Comrades to maintain cordial relationships with other NPGs and to bridge the gap so as to achieve our common goal as one Nation, one Entity, and one People.
As such, I as a Human Being, surely have my shortcomings and many ups and downs too but for the greater good of the Nagas, I am ready to work together as it is in my utmost desire that we reach our destination and to achieve our common goal as ‘One Strong United Force’
NSCN/GPRN (Reformation)

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