Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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NSCN (Khango) warns

The NSCN (Khango) has issued a stern warning against Mr. Nitovi Aye, the owner of the Star Cargo Transport Agency to stop collecting revenue on behalf of the Naga Political Groups, especially in the name of the NSCN (K). Moreover, it is to be noted that the amount collected is never submitted to the concern authority but are being misappropriated and embezzled by him. As such, the NSCN (K) directs Mr. Nitovi Aye to submit or re-compensate the amount collected from different transport agencies on behalf of the NSCN (K) as he is not authorized by the NSCN to carry out such revenue collection.
The NSCN (K) further warns the self vested individuals or unscrupulous elements from undertaking such activities that would defile the image of the NSCN. Failing to abide by this directive, the NSCN will initiate befitting action against the imposters/defaulters as per the gravity of the offences. And, henceforth, the NSCN (K) shall not be held responsible of any untoward incident that will transpire against the imposters/defaulters.
Furthermore, the Naga Army (/A), NSCN (K) has been authorized to supervise to deal with the Transport Agency with immediate effect.
Issued by: Media Cell, Naga Army (N/A), GHQ