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NSCN-K ( N) declines NNPGs offer to join peace process

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Dimapur, August 8: While acknowledging the invitation from the NNPGs “to follow suit in the peace process and agreements”, the NSCN-K (Nyemlang) has declined the offer.
“NSCN/GPRN acknowledges the fact that in different ways, we are all working for the upliftment of Nagas. Thus, with all humility NSCN/GPRN is humbled by the invitation from the NNPGd to follow suit in their peace process and agreements but NSCN/GPRN hopes that NNPGs would respect our decision to humbly decline the offer,” said a statement issued by Nikato Pilot Sumi, MIP (in-charge).
The statement said the NSCN/GPRN stands for all Naga inhabited areas in defence of our sovereign political rights. “The objectives that NSCN/GPRN and NNPGs have chosen for the emancipation of Nagas are divergent,” it said.
Stating that it does not doubt the NNPGs sincerity in inviting the NSCN/GPRN, the statement said at this juncture and point in time, due to the difference in objectives, the NSCN/GPRN cannot come to the negotiating table. (Page News Service)