NSCN (K) message on 39th Republic Day


On this propitious event, the 39th Republic Day, we give all the glory to our Almighty God the sustainer for the decades of unceasing providence even as we endure the perils and continue our national sojourn amid many adversities.
The NSCN/GPRN under the solemn leadership of Lt.Gen(Rtd).Khango Konyak once again convey heartfelt greetings to every beloved Naga countrymen and women across the length and breadth.
When we reminisce the past several decades of the glorious struggle for freedom, we are but truly humbled by the spontaneity of the devotion, sacrifices and the true spirit of nationalism which our fore-bearers so daringly demonstrated and which alone did nurture the very basis of the “noble cause” we pursue hitherto.
The long history of the struggle soaked in the blood of the thousands of sons and daughters of the soil and the legacy wrapped in utter sufferings, anguish and tears implore us to continue the battle for restoration of our God gifted birthright without doubt, fear or disbelief of any form.
In the course of our struggle thousands of precious lives have been martyred yet, to the virtuous every sacrifice is worth giving, no trial is beyond endurance and no challenges too formidable to overcome, however, many cowards and traitors have also been led astray owing to consistent enemy’s propagandas and treasonous inclinations. Numerous anti-national and sub-national elements have also been fostered among the Nagas at various stages to wreck our liberation movement from within and without but despite the persisting efforts to sabotage the sacred cause, the movement continues to grow from strength to strength and NSCN/GPRN is privileged to be of service to the Nagas without remorse or apprehension at this challenging times as it had been in the past too.
The NSCN/GPRN has never been averse to peace or peaceful approach of resolving the issue, it is however quite vigilant of the ever diabolical maneuver of India to undermine the Naga cause on the pretext of peace as had been amply and bitterly experienced in the past.
Peace can be possible only when all the conflicting parties genuinely aspires for unlike the ever conspiring and double-standard India who uses peace to further their colonizing agendas over the Nagas and other struggling ethnic nationalities of Wesea.
The NSCN/GPRN is fully committed to uphold the inherent rights of the Nagas and is prepared for any eventuality, shall never waver or be constrained by any forces inimical to the dreams and aspirations of the Naga people.
We also urge every fraternal organizations of Wesea struggling under the aegis of NSCN/GPRN to promote and spread the spirit of brotherhood and to strengthen the bond of love and unity through which the region can be liberated from alien subjection.
The NSCN leadership also makes an appeal to educated and younger generation Nagas to share the pride of our free glorious past and partake in the sacred mission to liberate our motherland in any manner deemed fit. Let us not be swayed away by the enemy’s schemes of luxuries and material comforts or be dismayed at the opportunistic exploits of numerous Naga political groups fully bent on self-aggrandizement at the cost of Naga issue and using peace as their convenient excuse, but none is above the nation and everyone will in the end be answerable to the people and God.
The NSCN also shares solidarity with many innocent Naga civilians and public servants who are being mercilessly persecuted by NIA and other Indian Forces for being a Naga, it is our firm belief that God in his own time and manner shall deliver our people and the tyrants shall face judgment too.
Issued by- Col.(Rtd.) Isak Sumi, Dy.Kilonser MIP,GPRN.

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