Sunday, December 3, 2023

NSCN (IM) welcomes 25 ‘home comers’

Nagaland News

Dimapur, August 6: The NSCN (IM) today said that 25 ‘home comers’ from different groups joined the mainstream organization NSCN (National Socialist Council of Nagalim) giving the reason that they decided to come over to Hebron as they are not happy with the leadership of their parent organizations and NNPGs (Naga National Political Groups).

According to a press release issued by its MIP, the ‘home comers’ are Hoshepu Yeptho, Kilonser cum Chairman, NNC/GDRN (NA); I Nihovi Assumi, Kilonser, NNC/GDRN (NA); Khehoto Y Achumi, Kilonser, NNC/GDRN (NA); Vikugha Pucho, Kilonser, NNC/GDRN (NA); Hokheto Assumi, Kilonser, NNC/GDRN (NA); Hekato Y Sumi, Secretary, NNC/GDRN (NA); Ghokuto Awomi, Secretary, NNC/GDRN (NA); Khevukhu Achumi, Colonel, NNC/GDRN (NA); Khevishe Achumi, Tatar, NNC/GDRN (NA); Ghikiho Achumi, Tatar, NNC/GDRN (NA); Ikato Z Awomi, Tatar, NNC/GDRN (NA); Hokuto Yeptho, Tatar, NNC/GDRN (NA); Chinato Achumi, Tatar, NSCN (K)-Khango; Shikato Chophi, Tatar, NSCN (K)-Khango; Tohuka Achumi, Tatar, NSCN (K)-Khango; H. Katoho Yeptho, Leacy, NSCN (K)-Khango; Aghato Chophy, Leacy, NSCN (K)-Khango; Tsashito Assumi, Leacy, NSCN (K)-Khango; H. Hokugha Yeptho, Leacy, NNC/GDRN (NA); Hukhei Chishi, Leacy, NNC/GDRN (NA); Toika Awomi, Leacy, NNC/GDRN (NA); Y. Yehoto Sumi, Leacy, NNC/GDRN (NA); Kivigho Achumi, Leacy, NNC/GDRN (NA); Viniho Awomi, Khapur, NNC/GDRN (NA); and Manaho Zhimomi, Sergeant Major, NSCN-Unification. (Page News Service)