Monday, September 27, 2021
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NSCN (IM) slams ‘libelous campaign’ of NIA

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‘NIA has no authority to label NSCN as terrorist organization’
Dimapur, June 14: The NSCN (IM) has hit out strongly at what it alleged is the “libelous campaign” of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) labeling the NSCN as terrorist organization.
“GPRN strongly disapproves the NIA for its deliberate indulgence to go libelous against the very party engaged with the GoI negotiating for a peaceful political solution that is honorable and acceptable. Who give the sanction to NIA to put the tag ‘terrorist’ against NSCN? NIA came into being in 2008 following the terror attack in Mumbai. By then, the Indo-Naga political talk has taken deep root as the talk was carried in the spirit of mutual trust and respect,” said a statement issued by the MIP NSCN.
The NSCN alleged that the NIA under the garb of an investigation agency, but performing the role of terror agency, is recklessly trailing NSCN to stigmatize and label the organization as terrorist organization.
Stating that the NIA came into existence more than ten years after Indo-Naga political talks started in 1997, the statement reminded that during the course of negotiations, the NSCN have made its stand very clear that an acceptable political solution can be arrived only through respect for a people’s history and their national identity.
The NSCN stated that as agreed with GoI, the NSCN is no longer a banned organization that NIA can dabble with. “Legally and politically, NIA have no authority to label NSCN as terrorist organization. For its historical and political legitimacy the GoI boldly entered into political negotiations with NSCN. For the same reason NSCN was admitted into the fold of UNPO (Unrepresented Nations and People’s Organization). UNPO give no qualification to any organization to become its bona fide member if it uses terrorism as an instrument of policy.”
Besides being a member of UNPO, the NSCN said it is also a signatory of the Geneva Call “Deed of Commitment” wherein NSCN gave the commitment to non-use of uncontrolled anti-personnel mines.
Maintaining that it would be a breach of trust and commitment on the part of the GoI “if it allows NIA to run amok to fool the world communities” and undo the hard earned achievement of Indo-Naga political talks spanning over 23 years, the statement said it would be a matter of credibility and seriousness for GoI to rein in the NIA to stop forthwith its “slanderous campaign” against NSCN.
“The NIA’s repeated slander against NSCN is not only nasty and disgusting but sending a confusing signal. NSCN puts on record that this misplace tag ‘terrorist’ against NSCN be clarified,” it stated.
The statement also reminded the NIA that when Government of India and NSCN signed ceasefire, there was also agreement on “Agreed Ground Rules” for the ceasefire. “The principle understanding was that all present NIA cases are placed under the purview of Agreed Ground Rules which should be resolved within its mechanism which is officially set up headed by Special Secretary, Internal Security (MHA), GoI as the Chairman for Ceasefire Review Meeting and Chairman of the Ceasefire Monitoring Group (CFMG),” it said. (Page News Service)