NSCN (IM) rebuts news report


Dimapur, March 21: The NSCN (IM) has rebutted the news report carried by The Hindustan times on March 17 that an unidentified individual arrested at Delhi Airport with a gun converter was a Naga national worker from the NSCN (IM).
“Such malicious accusation of the Indian authority particularly the NIA and the custom officials at Delhi airport is a desperate attempt to tarnish the image of the NSCN and gain publicity which is nothing but a cheap stunt. The GPRN advises those Indian agencies to do thorough investigation before branding any suspect as NSCN member,” said a clarification issued by the MIP NSCN/GPRN.
“The GoI may avert any maligned design to cause confusion to the Indian and Naga populace through their irresponsible act of arresting a suspect who is not even identified till now by the concerned Indian agencies,” it said while daring the Indian authorities to come out with the details of the arrested individual to serve better understanding for the present as well as for the near future. (Page News Service)