Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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NSCN (IM) reacts to statements of Kitovi & SC Jamir

The recent statement of the NNPGs Convener Mr. N. Kitovi Zhimomi and Dr. SC Jamir sounds more romantic as their imperturbable equanimity and their inherent bonhomie kept them together with India in reflecting their political connexions that propagate India’s interests. But it is utterly nonsensical to the Nagas. Needless to say or elaborate further, they are political wreck to the Nagas.
Recently, Kitovi told a group of youth as published in the Guwahati-based news daily “The Sentinel” that the new accord with the Government of India (GoI) should offer a “win-win situation for all” and that “the rule of law must be upheld”.
Does he really know what he is speaking about when he says “the rule of law must be respected”? When he has already sold out the Naga issue by accepting the Indian constitution, where does his win-win solution stands? He re-edited the 16 Point Agreement in the form of “Agreed Position” in his surrender formulae for the Naga solution. He can fool his own group who are being misled but he cannot fool the Naga people who are politically more sensitive and guarded in defending the God’s given Naga nation. Only the fools and traitors will speak such a language. Only the government agent and imposter will speak such a treacherous language.
Dr. SC Jamir continues to kick against stone to keep alive his eternal fight to defend his brainchild “16 Point Agreement”. When the Naga people refused to toe his line of defence visa- vis the 16 Point Agreement, he used to say in the 1990s “there is famine of truth because of fear”.
Now, in this beginning of 2022 he is exposing his sick mind again stating “Nagas are living under fear and denial mode”. This is as good as saying that the 16 Points Agreement never solve the Naga problem. He simply refused to accept that the Nagas are living under fear and denial because he has created the 16 Points Agreement against the will of the Naga people. All throughout he has been attempting to suppress the Nagas by applying the draconian laws causing endless flow of blood and loss of life.
In this critical period of the Naga political talks, the Naga people should be proactive to identify who is who in the Naga political matter. Who are the agents working for the interests not connected to bring the Naga solution which is honourable and acceptable to both the Naga people and the Government of India? Imposters speaking the deceptive language of Naga accord/solution have no respect for the national identity of the Nagas. They are only digging the roads to the Naga solution under the Indian constitution. God forbid the Nagas to disown their sovereign identity in the name of Naga solution. The Naga Plebiscite of 1951 which overwhelmingly voted for the Naga sovereign identity must not be separated from the final Naga solution.