Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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NSCN (IM) on Sept 11 incident at Namrei village, Ukhrul

Ironically, the Assam Rifles (AR) particularly in Manipur had taken the fancy to posture aggressive against the Naga people under any slight pretext, notwithstanding the fact that crucial rounds of the Indo-Naga political talks is at hand in New Delhi. What is more indignant of the ubiquitous AR is their free-wheeling movement among the populace despite their covid-19 positive case status shooting up every passing day in Manipur and elsewhere in the Northeast.
Referring to what happened on the 11th September 2020 at Namrei village, Ukhrul District, under the command of its Commanding Officer (CO) Rippon Bora of the 27th AR when he made unwarranted intrusion into the village without taking the village authority into confidence, NSCN condemn such high-handedness. What is all the more indignant and bewildering is the aggression of Rippon Bora to slap Mrs. Sothingla Shatsang, Secretary of the Namrei Shanao Long (Namrei Women Society). In defense of her right and dignity of women the Secretary acted swiftly to return the slap on the face of Rippon, and joined by other women members swirled her ‘mekhela’ (a traditional garment worn by Naga women from the waist to the ankles) around Ripon. Such indignity committed against women is unheard of not only in Naga culture but in other civilized society as well. Alerted by worldwide fight against Covid-19 the Namrei women were strictly on guard as per SOP. But the AR showed no respect to go by Covid-19 preventive protocols. We condemn Rippon Boro for violation of safety protocols and using force mindlessly against the Naga women. What is all the more astounding of CO Bora is that he displayed no remorse for his shameless act against women despite being asked by Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL) and Tangkhul Shanao Long (TSL) to tender unqualified apology. We admire and appreciate the Namrei Shanao Long and other women of the surrounding villages for being gutsy and assertive as they stood up boldly in defense of our right and dignity to face the belligerent AR.
NSCN finds no tangible reason for the AR to be so reckless and brute when dealing with the Naga people. When Indo-Naga ceasefire is in place what makes the AR so foolhardy to keep on going recalcitrant against the Nagas.

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