Sunday, April 14, 2024
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NSCN (IM) on killing of Honpam Chithung

Notwithstanding many provocative incidents, Nagas have maintained cool to stay steadfastly neutral in the state sponsored ethnic conflict between the Meiteis and the Kuki-Zo in Manipur ever since the bloody pogrom started in 3rd May, 2023.
Exercising our faith in God we have extended the hands of humanity in the true spirit of Christianity towards the displaced Kuki-Zo people who have fled from the war-torn Myanmar and taken shelter in Naga areas in Kamjong and other places in Ukhrul district who have fled from Imphal valley. However, things seem to have wrong in the hands of the Kuki militants, notably KNA-B with their insane warmongering.
For the reason best known to KNA(B) militants they killed one Honpam Chithung on 10th February, 2024 in Myanmar. But what has evoked strong response from the Nagas in general and NSCN in particular is why Honpam Chithung was killed. Was the killing related to being Tangkhul?
It is a matter of regret that when the Tangkhul CSOs went to the place at Phaikoh to get the mortal remains of Honpam Chithung, no cooperation was forthcoming from the Phaikoh headman and his villagers.
We cannot rule out the involvement of Assam Rifles based at Phaikok to collaborate with KNA(B) in killing Honpam Chithung.
Needless to say, this particular incident is something that has played into the nerves of National Socialist Council of Nagalim(NSCN) and GPRN as people’s government have taken strong exception against the KNA(B) and the Kuki villages in the border like Mawailuk, Aishi, Phaikoh etc. This kind of senseless warmongering has been recorded as an affront to the dignity and manhood of the Nagas.
Repeated message given to the Kuki-Zo people should not be treated in casual manner. That the Nagas wish to coexist peacefully with the Kuki-Zo but without compromising the Naga’s geopolitical right should be acted upon with open heart respecting the Naga’s traditional right over the land.