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NSCN (IM) leader killed in Namsa

NSCN IM leader

DIMAPUR, FEBRUARY 22: A group of unidentified gunmen on Wednesday night killed a member of NSCN (IM), Khampei Opeiham Konyak, at Namsa in Mon district.
Sources said that the incident occurred at around 9.15 p.m. The gunmen, numbering 5-6, broke into the victim’s residence and reportedly shot him in the chest.
Then, the assailants took him to a hut nearby where the victim was discovered at around 9.30 p.m. Though he was still alive when found, the victim died inside the ambulance while on the way to hospital.
Khampei Opeiham Konyak was previously a member of the NSCN (K) faction led by Yung Aung in Myanmar. In July last year, after splitting from the group, he had surrendered to the Assam Rifles, reportedly with arms and ammunition worth more than Rs 20 lakh.
According to a report in Assam-based The Sentinel, former central executive member and chairman of the Konyak region for NSCN-K, Khampei Opeiham, switched his allegiance to NSCN-IM in October last year.
“He was joined by other cadres, including CCM Lempha Wangsu, Leacy Aleam Wangnao, Leacy Langngam Wangsu, Capt. Nokngam Wangsu, 2nd Lieut. Aton Wangsu, Sgt. Maj. Apan Wangsa, Sgt. Phowang
Konyak Wangsa, Corporal Wankap Wangsa, Corporal Aman Wangsa, and Corporal Nahpan.
“Earlier in 2019, deputy of self-styled Major General Absolom Tangkhul of NSCN-IM, Anok Wangsa was arrested in connection with the killing of Arunachal Pradesh MLA Tirong Aboh”, stated the report.
It went on to recount that unidentified militants had ambushed the convoy of MLA Aboh, his 20-year-old son, and 9 others, killing them on the spot. The attack occurred on the Khonsa-Deomali Road while they were returning home from Assam. Two of Aboh’s personal security officers (PSOs) were also injured in the assault.
“The massacre occurred following the Arunachal Pradesh Assembly elections on April 11. Aboh, who ran as an NPP candidate, emerged victorious in the elections, the results of which were announced on May 23. The BJP secured 41 out of 60 seats, while the NPP placed 3rd in 5 seats.
In 2010, a self-proclaimed ‘major’ of NSCN (IM) was killed, and 5 others were apprehended during an encounter with security forces in the Mon district of Nagaland. The clash occurred between NSCN (IM) and a combined team of Assam Rifles and Territorial Army near the Tizet post at Punjma colony”, the report added.
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