Friday, December 8, 2023

NSCN (IM) holds consultative meet with LMRPOs

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Dimapur, March 8: The NSCN (IM) on Friday held a concerted consultative meeting with the Lotha Middle Range Public Organizations (LMRPOs) at Sanis community hall, Wokha and unambiguously briefed them on the burning present political scenario in view of the Framework Agreement.
A press release from the CAO Lotha region revealed that the group was led by M Daniel Lotha, Kilo Kilonser, GPRN along with others counterparts of the government.
The Kilo Kilonser also briefed the meet on “The Harbinger of the Framework agreement that enclosed the legitimate rights and safeguard the historical rights of the Nagas and establish a new relationship for peaceful co-existence of the two entities on the basis of shared sovereignty”.
In his address, the Kilo Kilonser reiterated that, “the NSCN/GPRN has come to negotiations with the GoI and it has reached twenty five years of our times as per the desire of the Naga people and shall continue to carry by the posterity till the Naga attend a covenant given by the people for the realization of Naga dignity and freedom”.
He called upon the leaders to come as one, stand as one to voice out as one people by organising various show and movement of agitations as a take home message by showing resentment to the whole global at this crucial period.
Meanwhile, the Kilo Kilonser stated that “16th May 1951, Nagas young and old men and women unitedly exercised their sovereign will and aspiration to determine and secure their own political destiny. The Naga Plebiscite in which 99.9% of the people voted for an Independent Naga state in an affirmation of the Naga declaration of Independence on 14th August 1947 from all alien domination, subjugation and exploitation. This collective truth demonstrates the moral and political consensus of the Naga struggle for Self-determination and reiterates the uniqueness of Naga history and situation”.
He also reiterated that Naga people didn’t append the Naga Plebiscite for economic package or imposed political packages as these are far from giving the Nagas a lasting solution.
“We put on record to recapitulate our stand that the Nagas will abide by the principles of the Framework Agreement,” he added.
Meanwhile, the Kilo Kilonser called upon all Nagas to once again reaffirm the pledge to uphold and respect the sacredness of the Naga plebiscite.
Further, the meeting unanimously decided to support the Framework agreement for earliest solution before holding of Assembly election in Nagaland. The meeting was chaired by Yanpvu Jungio, CAO Lotha region, Sulanthung Humtsoe, (Ex-MLA), President LPO and Ntonsi Yanthan President, LMRPO present the meeting. Associate Pastor William Invoked God’s blessing with a prayer.
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