NSCN (IM) holds consultation with LH

NSCN (IM) holds consultation with LH

Dimapur, September 8: The NSC/GPRN held a consultative meeting with Lotha Hoho and its district units today at Hotel Saramati, Dimapur. The GPRN was headed by Hukavi Yepthomi, Kilo Kilonser and Lieut. Gen. Anthony Shimray, Longvibu & Political Commissar to the collective leadership.
Today’s consultation was a call for sharing and understanding the political issue at hand so that the Nagas harvest the deserving national aspirations, said a NSCN (IM) release.
In the meeting, the LH president conveyed that the Lotha Hoho is with the GPRN and will be with the Naga Nation now and ever.
The Kilo Kilonser elaborated on the uniqueness of the Naga history and the cause of the Naga struggle from the inception till India officially recognized the uniqueness of the Naga history which is the principle of the Framework Agreement that was signed on 3rd August, 2015 between the NSCN and GoI. He asserted that every Nagas are equally responsible in bringing an honourable solution.
Likewise, every Nagas are equally welcome to be a part of the final solution which is arriving soon, he said.
The Longvibu appreciated the Lotha Hoho and stated that the Framework Agreement is not an ordinary agreement but a covenant to settle the political issue of the two entities honorably.
The GPRN praised the Lotha Hoho and its collective social leaders which comprises of intellectuals with practical wisdom to build the Naga nation.
Stating that today’s “Heart Talk” was an invaluable moment, the GPRN hoped that such a bonding and sharing of one’s ideas and knowledge will certainly bring forth an unconditional love and prosperity among all the Naga brethren. (Page New Service)