NSCN (IM) demands apology for fake news


Dimapur, June 13: The NSCN/GPRN has demanded ‘unqualified apology’ from three news agencies for publishing fake news which, it said, was very unfortunate and “highly irritable and inflammable”.
The North East Now, Hills Hornbill Express and the Aja Daily has carried a news item on June 13 captioned “NSCN (IM) bans Star Cement in Nagaland.”
“These news centers are expected to be more reasonable and not expendable. Sensitive news such as that should be examined carefully in order to have authenticity cleared and rectified before publishing. The nature of publishing such a notorious news item without authenticating the origin and source demands unqualified apology from these news centers that are responsible for defaming the GPRN,” it stated in a rebuttal issued today.
The GPRN further asked for corrigendum from the three news centers and other news agencies (if any more) that have published the news item, following the issuance of the rebuttal of the GPRN, so as to avoid ramification and unwelcomed consequences. (Page News Service)