Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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NSCN (IM) criticizes New Delhi’s “deceitful dealing”

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DIMAPUR, SEPTEMBER 12: Claiming itself as “the one and only authentic political organisation of the Naga people”, the NSCN (IM) on Sunday launched a series of accusations at the Government of India, and directed sharp criticisms at what it stated was New Delhi’s “deceitful dealing” in signing ceasefire agreement after ceasefire agreements “with its surrogate factions”.

A statement issued by the group on Sunday said that the Centre has “gained notoriety for over-indulgence in duplicitous dealing that comes in the role of scheming villain to kill the Naga issue by keeping the Nagas divided”.
According to the NSCN (IM), “such a double dealing of the Government of India” ~ by signing ceasefire agreements with “surrogate factions” ~ only serves to generate doubt over “India’s sincere commitment”.
“The Government of India may even stoop low to twist its words but one can never twist history to dilute the God’s given Naga political issue. This deceptive manner of handling the Naga issue leaves us with no option but to ask one serious question before the Government of India. Will the Government of India enter into agreements with other people also on Naga political issue in the name of stakeholders? But this will in no way show the sincerity of the Government of India. This will simply be a breach of trust and making a mockery of the Naga issue. What is of critically important at this stage is for the Government of India to reaffirm its position and commitment on the Framework Agreement”, the statement read.
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