Thursday, April 15, 2021
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NSCN (IM) counters Kukis’ claim

When it comes to the Kukis committing crime against humanity, history repeat itself, and the victims are always the Nagas. This is the reality as recorded in the pages of history authored by many non-Naga writers. KNO (Kuki National Organization) with prejudice mentality may come out with obnoxious outburst targeting the Nagas in general and NSCN in particular but that will take them nowhere near to erase the recorded facts that had gone down into the pages of history. This is in reference to the write-up of KNO that appeared in Imphal-based dailies dated 16th February, 2019.
History pointedly mentioned about the origin of the Kukis and how they started going against the Nagas violating human rights in the most despicable and beastly manner. Under the British Government’s ‘Divide and Rule Policy’, the British used theKukis to subjugate the stubborn and ferocious Nagas when they first encountered the Nagas. The Naga defiance led to the British decision to bring in the Kukis from across the border in Burma in 1840. The Kukis were provided free rations and fire-arms to fight the Nagas. But, after the Nagas made peace with the British, the Kukis were made redundant. However, the transplanted Kukis continued living in the areas.
The Kukis having tasted blood against the Nagas when used by the British developed fascination to attack the Nagas. There are numerous incidents beginning from 1850s when the marauding Kukis attacked Naga villages belonging to theTangkhuls in Ukhrul district and Zeliangrong villages in Tamenglong district, Manipur.
As recorded in history, the Tangkhuls are the worst victims of Kuki’s insanity. B.C. Chakravorty in his book ‘British Relations with the Hills Tribes of Assam since 1858 mentioned thus: In October 1878, the ChassadKukis committed a series of outrages on the Tangkhul Nagas and carried them off as slaves. Another writer B.C. Allen recorded another treacherous act of the Kukis in a Tangkhul Naga village (Chingjaroi) in April 1893.Sir Robert Reid also writes: “Between December 1917 and May 1918 in the hills, the Kukis seized the opportunity to pay off old scores against Naga villages,the Kabuis and Tangkhuls being the chief sufferers. Upwards of 200 heads were taken by Kuki raiders and several villages destroyed”.Such instances of Kuki’s atrocities against Tangkhuls abound in many such books on Nagas and Northeast tribals.
When the Kukis started killing Nagas in Moreh in 1992, the Tangkhuls were selectively targeted. On July 9,1992, one Tangkhul Naga Mr.A.SKhayao alias Joy Tangkhul of Huishu village was abducted from his hotel room in Moreh by some Kuki youths led by one Kuki,Mr.Manga,S/o(L) Chungthang of Moreh. His body was never found (till today). On July 14,1992, one Tangkhul Naga woman MissAthingTangkhul who had gone to Moreh for shopping was abducted from her hotel room at night at around 7 PM by armed Kukis. She was molested and robbed of Rs.9000/-.Such a list of looting,abduction,molestation and rape covers many pages.Hundreds of Naga houses were burnt to ashes and thousands of Naga villagers were displaced and they are displaced till today. The state government remained as mute spectator for the reason best known to them.
The Naga-Kuki conflict of 1992-1997 is simply a repeat of history started by the Kukis under the banner of Kuki National Organization(KNO)/Kuki National Army(KNA)/KukiDefence Force(KDF),Chin-Kuki Resistance Force(CKRF) etc. when they started issuing ‘quit notice’ to the Naga inhabitants in Moreh and other villages in Ukhrul and Chandel districts in collaboration with the state and central machineries. When the atrocities of Kukis crossed all human limits, the Nagas decided to stand united to protect their lives and their lands by forming a village defense force named as Naga Lim Guard. The KNO/KNA, after committing foul of highest degree against the Nagas desperately dragged the name of NSCN as the mastermind of the so-called Kuki genocide. This is disgusting and deceptive. Such a deceitful allegation against NSCN will not help the KNO/KNA to wash off their sins committed against the Nagas before the creator of heaven and earth.
Issued by: MIP, GPRN

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