NSCN (IM) condemns raid by AR


Dimapur, July 26: The NSCN (IM) has condemned the raid by Indian Securities Forces at the private residence of Joseph Thongthong, Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Education in the morning of July 24 between 3.30 a.m. to 4.17 a.m. at Diphupar B Khel.
A statement issued by its MIP stated that the 32 Assam Rifles personnel came along with masked men and two women army personnel and Nagaland policeman from West Police Station by the name Tia entered the compound by climbing over the fencing wall with their ladder and forcefully ransacked the house despite knowing the identity of the homeowner.
However, it said no incriminating documents could be found by the marauding team, but they frisked the women and children leaving them with a sense of insecurity.
While the Indo-Naga peace talk is going on in New Delhi at the highest level, it is very insensitive on the part of the Indian Security Forces, the MIP stated and questioned the illogical conduct of the Indian Army when the Nagas are expecting the fruition of the peace talk.
(Page News Service)