NSCN (IM) clarifies on Tirap clash

NSCN (IM) clarifies on Tirap clash

‘It was an absolute unintentional occurrence’

Dimapur, June 3: The NSCN (IM) has clarified that the May 31 unfortunate incident between Namsang and Shumshi village under Deomali jurisdiction in Tirap district of Arunachal Pradesh resulting in loss of precious lives was never intended.
“It was an absolute unintentional occurrence, never motivated by any ill-attempt to disrespect all that the Naga civil bodies have ceaselessly embodied in various covenants in their thrive for Journey Of Common Hope,” said a clarification issued by the MIP GPRN.
Giving the sequence of events leading to the incident, the NSCN (IM) said reports of masquerading elements involving in forcible collection, ransom demand and holding captives for ransom payment were constantly relayed to GPRN authority. It said father of late Rasil Ali, the unfortunate victim, personally came to speak to NSCN authority alleging that his son was abducted by the NSCN-IM under the command of Maj Gen. Raman.
To ascertain the various reports pouring in to the NSCN base, the clarification said a column was dispatched to the vicinity where such unlawful activities were being carried out and to take stock of the overall situations prevailing there. It said the column came under heavy fires and in the course of short but fierce gun battle that followed as NSCN cadres column returned fire, “such unfortunate bloodshed had resulted.”
“Late Rasil Ali was fully clad in military fatigue when his mortal remain was retrieved from the spot. Why an innocent son of a business man who was recently abducted, clothed in military camouflage is a matter of common understanding with logical conclusion,” it said.
Terming the incident as more unfortunate and most uncalled for when all the Naga people yearn for peace the most, the NSCN (IM) said it has to be critically examined and understand the reality from both sides of the story so that unwelcomed consequence may be avoided in view of the perceived elements always trying to work up frenzy in order to disrupt what has dearly been achieved through various painstaking peace initiatives by the Naga people to move the peace process forward to its ultimate destiny.
“The unfortunate victim identified as Rasil Ali could have unfolded stories behind all these most unwanted operation carried out by those unfortunate victims had late Rasil Ali been found alive to stand witness to all the wild and most inflammable narratives carried by different news channels and social media as well. The one name Gulap Homcha RP who is being hospitalized and recovering now can be another witness to the truth and facts about the recent incident,” it said.
The NSCN (IM) also stated that it never expected the presence of NSCN (U) in the region where the incident took place “because the stand of the former is officially clear that it has no doctrine of expanding its territory; that it operates in the current state of Nagaland only.” (Page News Service)