Friday, September 29, 2023
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NSCN (IM) cautious of new panel on Naga issue

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DIMAPUR, JUNE 11: The NSCN (IM) has welcomed the Parliamentary Committee (Core Committee) on Naga Political Issue, constituted by the Government of Nagaland “as long as there is no attempt to dilute the spirit and substance of the Framework Agreement as mutually agreed upon by both the Government of India and National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN) as the final basis for Naga political solution.”

Reacting to reports on the formation of the Core Committee, the NSCN (IM) reiterated that the Framework Agreement (FA) is not something that was signed in a hurry but was the result of the well thought out proposal from the Government of India (GoI) when the Indo-Naga political talk faced deadlock-like situation as the Indian and Naga leaders took their respective stands with no meeting point when the talk touched on the core issue of solution within Indian Constitution (Indian stand) and outside the Indian Constitution (Naga stand).
“It was the result after going through a long series of talks, when the Government of India finally proposed the Framework Agreement as a formula of win-win solution,” said the MIP NSCN/GPRN in a statement.
The talks had revolved around the FA with both the parties cautiously taking care not to allow either side to take strategic advantage or deviation from FA, it said.
The NSCN (IM), however, rued that ‘foot-in-mouth’ syndrome identified with the state BJP unit in Nagaland is already giving the Core Committee a bad picture before the work take off.

“No such committee is expected to bear fruits if historical reality is not taken into account. If the BJP want to solve the Naga political issue within the Indian Constitution it is high time the BJP make its stand very clear if it takes cognizance of the Naga national movement with reference to the declaration of the Naga Independence on the 14th August, 1947 and the Naga Plebiscite on the 16th May, 1951. These two events constitute the most important landmarks in the Naga national movement and it is with the UNO (United Nations Organization)”, it said.
“The Naga people went through horrendous violations of human rights never seen anywhere in the world at the hands of the Indian security forces. More than two lakhs Nagas lost their lives, besides destruction of properties by the Indian security forces throughout Nagalim. BJP should make its stand very clear, either to admit these factual accounts of history or deny it. Significantly, the sufferings of the Nagas at the hands of the Indian occupational forces are well documented for posterity to judge.
“Ironically, the Indo-Naga political history is marked by bloody blunder for reason of not consulting the main stakeholders (freedom fighters)”, it stated.
Stating that “Core Committee members should not overrate themselves or outdo its role at the cost of destroying the Naga political identity that NSCN has robustly protected throughout the two decades of talk with the Government of India”, the NSCN (IM) maintained that the mistakes of history should not be repeated at the hands of Core Committee.

Also pointing out that it had come across some Naga intellectuals, political and public leaders while giving interview in front of TV cameras or during live debates in Zoom going overboard by projecting Naga history incorrectly, adding confusion in the minds of the masses, the NSCN (IM) cautioned them to exercise restraint lest Naga political history is distorted or cynically manipulated.
“All said and done, NSCN would be watchful of any traitorous approach to the Naga political issue that has been painstakingly guarded and taken this far at the cost of blood, sweats and tears”, it added.
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