Monday, November 30, 2020

NSCN (IM) cautions people not to attend Chokriba meet

Dimapur, February 9: The NSCN (IM) Chakhesang Region has cautioned all not to attend the proposed meeting convened by Adino Phizo on February 14 at Chokriba, as “Adino’s group had already accepted the Indian Constitution through their infamous Shillong Accord.”
In a press release, secretary, Chakhesang Region, GPRN, Trookho Nuh alleged that Adinno and her groups had turn deaf ears to the sincere plea of Naga civil societies to leave their “so called peace camps.” “Her group also turned down all consultation initiatives by CSOs and refused to join hands with those who are still in the fight for our common cause. And further, her game plan stands exposed when her group is up against all Naga Political groups that are presently in negotiation with the government of India for honorable and acceptable solution,” the release said.
Stating that the Chakhesang people are disappointed on different occasion when Adinno’s group refused to cooperate with CPO and CBCC peace initiatives and “unlike other political groups never wanted our people to unite for common cause,” the release alleged that her apprehension at this crucial juncture is the success of the ongoing Indo-Naga peace talks.
“Our people have had enough of her hypocrisy trying to hoodwink the Naga people and making our people scapegoats for her group’s political blunder,” it alleged.
The Chakhesang Region, NSCN/GPRN also warned that it will not be held responsible for any unprecedented instances that may take place.
(Page News Service)