Monday, September 27, 2021

NSCN (IM) bans deforestation in Naga Rengma Hills

Dimapur, February 1: The NSCN (IM) has banned all activities of hunting, fishing, deforestation and poaching of endangered species linsang, three keeled Asian turtle, pigmy hog, swamp deer, etc, and endangered plants such as ophiorrhiza Hispada, Ceropegia lucida, Dendrobium aurantiacym, Bambusoidae, cane stick frankincense, etc, warning that illegal contracts of all forest products obtained within Naga Rengma Hills will be dealt with stringent action.
In a notice, Deputy Kilonser cum Caretaker E.O., Naga Rengma Hills, CAA, GPRN, Tennyson Rengma said serious threat is caused to the flora and fauna of the Naga Rengma Hills by illegal activities in the ecosystem which has deteriorated the environment and caused huge imbalance in eco-environment.
It said approval from the authorities of Naga Rengma Hills, GPRN, should be obtained for any eco-activities or research programme within the Naga Rengma Hills. Defaulters will be penalized sternly, it warned.
(Page News Service)