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NSCN (IM) appeals for patience to secure “our historical and political rights”

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DIMAPUR, SEPTEMBER 11: The NSCN (IM) today said that honourable, acceptable and early solution that is inclusive can only be achieved through the basis of Framework Agreement and Competencies being on the verge of completion and appealed to the people to be patient and allow the Naga talk team to secure “our historical and political rights”.
“The cry for early Naga solution is the ardent desire of every Naga and Indian as well. But Naga solution cannot be brought about at the cost of compromising our historical and political rights,” it said.
In a press statement, Convener, Steering Committee, Maj (Retd) Hutovi Chishi said that the historic Framework Agreement (FA) of August 3, 2015 brought about by the recognition of the unique Naga history and situation is no mean achievement for the Naga people, adding the Government of India through the FA recognizes that sovereignty of India and the Nagas lies with their respective peoples.
Citing the agreement, Chishi stated that the new relationship between the two entities, the Nagas and the Union of India, shall be defined in the competencies, which is the only political process to bring solution that is honourable and acceptable.
However, he said the Framework Agreement was not published to public domain right after signing as competencies were yet to be worked out at the same time and the contents needed safeguarding before the completion of the competencies that will determine the new relationship between India and the Nagas.
Chishi further said Naga people need not be confused of Nagaland from Nagalim stating that Nagaland/Nagalim carries the same meaning as is Tatar Hoho for Parliament, Yaruiwo for President, Kedallo for Vice President and so on. “Thus Nagaland is used in Framework Agreement for the same context and reason,” he added.
Naga Flag & Constitution
The Convener, Steering Committee said there is no other way to go forward without the Naga flag.
About constitution he said the provision for constitution that is being negotiated with the GoI for recognition will be that of the people where after solution, it will be properly drafted by experts, intellectuals and professionals drawn from all walks of life from Nagalim including international constitution drafting experts and legal experts on the basis of the final political agreement made between India and the Nagas. (Full Text)
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