Saturday, June 22, 2024
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NSCN (IM) alleges Assam Rifles-KNA (B) nexus

The dubious role of Assam Rifles (AR) and Para Regiment in the name of guarding the sensitive Indo-Myanmar border in the Kamjong district in Manipur is getting all the more bewildering as Naga Army was subjected to a hideous attack by the combine forces of KNA(B) and Indian security forces. The locals surrounding them are also wary of their open act of defiant. While any Kukis are given free access to move in and out of the border, none Kukis are scorned fully discriminated. More than that, there is free flow of weapons and ammunitions towards the Myanmar where KNA(B) are operating in the name of Democratic Alliance Army against the junta. Such well-planned maneuver is led by the Indian security forces.
Ironically, there is no logistical constraints for the Indian security forces whatsoever, as they keep having clandestine operations with KNA(B) targeting Naga Army and Meitei revolutionary falling under WeSEA. Significantly, males are hardly seen in the refugee camps as they are being used by the AR for espionage purpose and other activities like reconnaissance. For all purpose the male refugees are made the henchmen of AR. From closer observation no doubt remains that KNA(B) has been turned into a conglomeration of all hues(Kukis) from Bangladesh, Manipur and Myanmar and place themselves at the command of 21 Para Regiment and 8th Assam Rifles(AR) to take on Naga Army of NSCN and revolutionaries of WeSEA.
The irony is that AR has an inherent policy of taking inimical stand against NSCN on any flimsy ground. This is absurd in any sense of the term. Naturally, AR’s animosity towards Naga Army of NSCN is a matter of unjustifiable expense. Even after the historic 1997 ceasefire between the Government of India and NSCN, AR remain defiant, refusing to abdicate the anti-NSCN stance. AR for no tangible reason considered NSCN as thorns in their fresh. No wonder, AR has gained
notoriety for its mendacious troublemaking character. Ever since Indian Security Forces started covert operation against Naga Army at Myothit in collusion with KNA (B) using drones, frisking at Hebron Designated Camp to Dimapur road also intensified.