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NSCN/GPRN (Reformation) splits, announces unilateral CF with GoI

NSCN R press conf
NSCN (R) leaders during press conference

DIMAPUR, NOVEMBER 19: The NSCN/GPRN (Reformation) today received a major jolt after a section of the group appointed Akato Chophy as its president announcing the split in the group.
However, new group said that it would use the same nomenclature, “NSCN/GPRN (Reformation).”

Interacting with media persons at Hoito Village, Spokesperson of the new group, Nokrang Lanu Aier declared the split in the NSCN (R) and said they are sticking for Naga cause and the cause of the NPG.
“It is not about power or any cause but we are sticking to the NPG cause and the Naga people and apart from any comments from other area, it is not a proper time to split also in a way. It is very disappointing… it is for the good cause for the Naga people that we are very firm as we gather today and all the Naga tribes uphold the Naga political right”, he stated.
He also announced that Akato Chophy has been unanimously elected as the President of the NSCN (R).
MIP Kilonser, AV Chophy said that they were left with no option, therefore they declared the split today.
“Today we declare the split and announce unilateral ceasefire with Government of India”, he said.
“We are not following any personal leader like Ino Akato Chophy, Ino Wangtin, or Tikhak. We are just following whomsoever the leader who adhere to the Constitution. We are not asking people to support us also but support who is right”, he said.
Chophy said during the meeting, they found that the present vice president, Akato Chophy had the potential to adhere to the Constitution of the NSCN, so in the meeting Home Kilonser proposed the name of Akato as the President and it was seconded by the collective leader, and therefore the house unanimously elected him.
In consonance with the MIP Kilonser’s statement, the Spokesperson reiterated that it is just a split and that they are not impeaching the other members of the group. “We are also inviting anyone who is following the Constitution”, he added.
Replying to a query, he said the group will stick to the ceasefire ground rules and later part will be in the process. “Definitely we will also write the declaration to the competent authority and also announced Ceasefire with the GOI. We will inform the GOI”, he added.
Declaring that there will not be change in the nomenclature, they said will use NSCN/GPRN (Reformation).
When asked whether they will join the NNPGs, he said that will be the call of the collective leaders and also the call of the NNPGs. All will have to come together, he added.

When asked whether the spilt was because of Wangtin Naga and Tikhak not adhering to the Constitution, the MIP Kilonser explained that any decision or any appointment or any policy of the government is discussed by the collective leadership in consultation with the advisor to the collective leadership and the decision is taken but no such thing happened and many decision were taken and problems cropped up. “So it is up to the one how who hears it, but we don’t want to pick names”, he added.
Replying to a query whether the spilt will weaken the group even as the NNPGs has signed the Agreed Position, AV Chophy said, “I think it will strengthen the NNPGs and not weaken them”.
The split in the NSCN (R) was on expected lines, as some disgruntled members had expressed their displeasure at the functioning of the group and hinted a split on October 19 last. However, on October 23, the Working Committee of Naga National Political Groups (WC-NNPGs) had “nullified” media reports “indicating tendency of split within NSCN (R)”.
The Committee had expressed regret that a “minor internal issue within the party has been blown out of proportion” and exposed in public domain. It has also claimed that “the misunderstanding has been resolved amicably and put to rest keeping in mind the interest of the Nagas at large and the inevitable political solution.”
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