NSCN/GPRN on peace and non-cooperation


When will the Naga leading champions of peace understand or accept the fact that India is the aggressor and Nagas the victim. Why cannot the elite intellectual organisations acknowledge that precarious political and security situation have been created because of forceful intrusion of Indian Armed Forces on Naga country?

Peace as desired by every living soul can only be established permanently   in Naga country once the aggressor India disbands her illegal military expedition in Naga country which is long overdue by any international standard.

Continued militarisation for more than sixty years is only bound to regenerate more aggression and counter-aggression. The Nagas are only duty bound to fight for her dignity and God endowed ancestral sovereign existence.

What is the hidden agenda of the Naga peace mongers that they choose to oppose Naga Sovereignty workers, proclaim non-co-operation and remonstrate NSCN/GPRN for armed resistance against illegal Indian Army occupation.

Why cannot these Pharisees reason out the necessity of demanding the GOI to withdraw her Army from Nagaland and leave the Nagas to her own pre-ordained natural state so that peace and security can once again flourish in the land.

The NSCN/GPRN regardless of India inspired and instigated non-co-operation against us shall with even more ferocity and determination carry out armed onslaughts in a sustained manner until final capitulation of India’s militarised political hegemony over the Nagas.

The anti-NSCN activists and especially the leaders of non-co-operative areas are henceforth cautioned that, any NSCN/GPRN workers while in the line of duty fall prey to India’s dragnet within their non-co-operative jurisdictions,  entire responsibility shall be borne by them. 

Also any Naga individual or group ascribing to India dictated peace and averse to NSCN/GPRN armed struggle for sovereignty are directed to leave the conflicting Naga area lest their opposition to rightful resistance is mistaken for “enemy of the nation” and incur upon themselves the wrath for espionage.