Tuesday, May 11, 2021
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NSCN/GPRN-K members in support of Isak Sumi

We, the undersigned representing the required quorum of the council of kilonsers, the military Wing and the entire functional regional authorities, with the exception of Konyak region, hereby affirm that we are totally in support of our General Secretary and Co-Convenor NNPG/WC, Col. (Retd) Isak Sumi and we feel that the so called impeachment or expulsion drama is extremely dictatorial and unilateral since the decision was taken without following protocol or serving show-cause notice. There was also no prior consultation or deliberation among the council of Kilonsers, Tatars (CCM’s), the general party workers including the regional authorities and the military set-up as is the usual procedure as demanded of any such major issues.
We, therefore, consider the decision as not only against the spirit of the Constitution (Yehzabo) but also null and void. As such, we earnestly appeal to the President to revoke the illegal and unconstitutional expulsion order so as to avoid any misunderstanding or disunity within the NSCN (K) but to convene a general party session to discuss and decide the issue for we are of the firm belief that such unilateral decision would only cause irreparable rift and embarrassment before the entire world and the Nagas. It is also completely irrelevant and baseless on the allegations of violation of Art.18 and Art.23 by our General Secretary. (Article 18 “The Chairman, the Vice Chairman and the General Secretary shall be elected by the National Socialist Council through the people’s council and they shall hold the office for a term of six years from the date of which they enter upon their office” Article 23 “a) The General Secretary of the National Socialist Council shall be the Ato Kilonser (Prime Minister) of the GPRN”, “b) He shall be the secretary of the council of Kilonsers”.)
The President is also requested to honour the covenant between the NNPGs with regard to the anti-defection agreement signed and reaffirmed four times, at this crucial juncture when a political solution is finally being anticipated we cannot afford to create disharmony, antagonism and distrust amongst the NNPG/WC by inducting an outcast and a habitual defectors into high profile positions. Such actions only demonstrate arrogance and selfish interest over and above the common interest and goal of the Nagas.
Over the course of time, we and of course the entire Naga people have noticed and appreciated the sacrifices made by our leader Col. (Retd.) Isak Sumi and that he is a true leader within the NSCN (K) government giving his all towards bringing about a lasting and honourable settlement to the Indo-Naga political conflict as Co-Convenor of the NNPG.
Our popularly-elected General Secretary and Co-Convenor of the WC/NNPG is the legitimate leader and he enjoys the confidence and support of more than eighty percent (80%) of our workers and the status quo must be maintained until such time the issue is amicably resolved with the popular/majority decision.
As such, the open threat/intimidation to our General Secretary to vacate the CFSB office Dimapur is totally unwarranted and would only prove counterproductive to our reconciliation efforts.
We, therefore, urge all not to vitiate the present atmosphere and refrain from making provocative statements or any libellous comments against each other but to focus on reconciling in the greater interest of the Naga political solution.
1. Shampai, Kilonser MIP.
2. Hekiye Chophy, Senior Kilonser.
3. Nitokhe Chishi, Senior Kilonser.
4. Luyanba Yimchungu, Senior Kilonser.
5. Kughakhu Zhimo, Senior Kilonser.
6. Zheito urumi, Dy. Kilonser.
7. K. Yeputho Dy. Kilonser
8. Vikato Dy. Kilonser.
9. Yetoshe Dy. Kilonser.
10. Viniho Dy. Kilonser.
11. Shekatovi Dy. Kilonser.
12. Yesukha Dy. Kilonser.
13. Thsanso Dy. Kilonser.
14. K. Chishi Dy. Kilonser.
15. D. Yalhmow, Dy. Kilonser.
16. Inavi Achumi, Dy. Kilonser.
17. Major General Pangging Konyak, Deputy Chief, Naga Army.
18. Lt. Col. Khumkiumong
19. Lt. Col. Khekivi.
20. Col. Yemti Phom.
21. Major Kakishe Assumi
22. Major. Chipong.
23. Major Akheto.
24. Major Nikhuvi.
25. Major Sheito.
26. N.Chishi, Chairman U.T. -1
27. Kalong Ao, Chairman Ao Region
28. Thanso Yimchungru, Chairman Yimchungru Region.
29. Mongo, Acting Chairman Khiamniungan Region.
30. Shikato Achumi, Chairman Sumi Region.
31. Thsapimong Y. Sangtam.Chairman Sangtam Region.
32. Lt. Col. Nonghothung, Chairman Lotha Region.
33. Zachineyi Vero, Chairman Chakasang Region.
34. Eric Miachieo, Chairman Angami Region.

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