Sunday, June 13, 2021
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NSCN/GPRN clarifies

The NSCN/GPRN is compelled to issue further clarification on the refutation issued by DAYO where in it was claimed that fabricated allegation was levelled against DAYO by NSCN of taking away a lady employee of Symbios pvt.Ltd and also forcibly filing FIR in the said case.
The entire episode that took place inside the West PS on 26th August as narrated in the earlier press statement was witnessed by the arresting officer Vikishe and staffs of the station and contains no discrepancies as such.
The DAYO must stand corrected on the refutation since the statement nowhere in its entirety indicated or implicated DAYO of its involvement in the episode at west PS, rather, it was without doubt that the Ao youths who came in large number to the PS were from Dimapur and not from any other place as such it was mentioned as Dimapur Ao youths and not as DAYO in any manner.
It may also be noted that there was no clarity at all on the issue and allegations were being hurled through media, therefore to resolve the matter for once without any malice the organisations were invited in good will and was not a summon as assumed.
It was also of the impression that DAYO, ALT, Symbios pvt ltd. were being dragged unnecessarily into the issue since the case of duping/forgery was entirely between Rohit Chaudhury and our cadres for which the meeting was initiated only to put to rest the mis-understanding and not for parallel deliberation of the case.
The case being sub-judiced, we also felt it an act of perjury on the part of the concerned organisations to have given one-sided condemnation as kidnapping case instead of allowing the police and the judiciary to do their duties un-influenced as has been expressed by the organisations themselves.
Now having left with no choice, the NSCN authority shall also initiate investigation to ensure that the culprits are punished irrespective of the affiliations of the accused or suspects.
Issued by-MIP, NSCN/GPRN.

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