Monday, September 27, 2021

NSCN flays ‘armed gang’ charge by Governor

Dimapur, July 2: The NSCN/GPRN (Burmese occupied Eastern Nagaland) has hit out at Nagaland Governor & Interlocutor of Naga talks, RN Ravi over the letter the Governor wrote to the State Chief Minister where he compared “Naga nationalists” to armed gangs.
“Totaling nearly two centuries, Naga Revolutionary movement for sovereign political rights and identity has been in continuous existence till date, with no signs of abating. Nagas fought the British for our distinctive sovereign rights, way before the formation of India as a nation and the existence of the Indian constitution. Even at the heights of British Raj, the British logically decided to leave Naga areas outside the ambit of their constitution as excluded areas, Therefore constantly threatening Nagas with articles of the Indian constitution is hilarity at best,” said the NSCN (Burmese occupied Eastern Nagaland) in a statement issued by its military spokesperson, Nikato Pilot Sumi.
The statement asked Ravi “to add some humility into his arrogant and insolent self belief that he can single handedly solve the vexed Naga political issue where 13 former prime ministers of India have utterly failed for the past 70+ years.”
“We emphatically congratulate Mr. Ravi on his short term myopic achievements. Concurrently, Mr. Ravi should publicly acknowledge his gratitude to the Nagas for his meteoric rise,” it alleged.
Stating that comparing “Indian gangs to Naga nationalists” only shows Ravi’s ignorance, as befitting the view from the perspective of a former IPS officer, the statement said, “It’s only logical to respect Naga institutions and customs while you are in Naga areas, earning your livelihoods.”
The NSCN further asked Naga politicians, bureaucrats, NGO leaders and security forces in Nagaland state to make up their minds “as to which of their confused identity or interest come first – Naga or Indian and accordingly as per their choice, they shall be treated either as Nagas or non Nagas.”
(Page News Service)