Monday, April 12, 2021
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NRC Bill will adversely affect Article 371 (A): NPF


Dimapur, June 27: Calling the proposed Amendment of the Citizenship Bill a major concern for all Northeastern states, in a meeting held in Dimapur, the 26 NPF Legislators on Wednesday, expressed that for Nagaland, this will directly challenge Article 371 (A) and the indigenous rights of the people as it will make indigenous certificate and the ILP regulation not tenable due to the fact that GoI proposes to give citizenship by cutting residential proof from 11 years to 6 years, allowing recognition of citizenship to even those illegal immigrants.
The party observed that unlike what the Chief Minister would like to perceive, this bill will have adverse effects on Article 371 (A), where indigenous land and resources right will be challenged and buying of tribal land by non-Tribals in the name of law and development will become rampant.
In a press statement, NPF mentioned that the questionable statement that Nagaland will not oppose the Bill because the state has a special provision under Article 371 (A) to protect the Nagas is a serious breach of trust because the citizenship Amendment itself challenges the rights of the indigenous people and undermines Article 371 A.
Calling the recent statement of Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio on Live TV ‘most absurd and ridiculous’ where he had said that the Cabinet has decided that Article 371 (A) and Inner Line Regulation has given the Nagas protection from Citizenship Bill, the NPF questioned if Rio is in his right state of mind or is under any pressure or obligation to please his political masters in the Central Government and further questioned the CM if he is aware of the difference between 371 (A) and Inner Line Regulation as the two are different entities.
The NPF thereby appealed to all right thinking citizens of the state to rise up to the occasion and condemn such acts of deceit and betrayal that seeks to compromise the unique history of Nagas and can destroy the future of the upcoming generations.
“Considering the rampant and massive influx of illegal immigrants into our state, and looking at the present scenario where major portion of our economy is controlled by outsiders and  monopoly of trade and commerce already taking place, a day is not far when Nagas will become minority in our own land,” it further said.
The NPF also urged right thinking citizens of the state to remain alert and not shy away from core issues but to oppose tooth and nail against such precarious issues especially on the integration and the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016, questioning at the same time the dead silence of the Naga NGOs, Civil Societies, the apex Tribal Hohos and Student Organisations, NPF asked if their silence can be construed as acceptance of the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016?
NPF demanded that Nagaland Chief Minister should issue a specific and precise reply at the earliest without diverting the key issues, and not through his mouth piece NDPP Press and Media Committee, which tends to give statement without knowing the head or tail of the matter.
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